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My Girlfriend Hates Donald Trump

from Stefan Molyneux:

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6 comments to My Girlfriend Hates Donald Trump

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I had NO idea (never paid attention, didn’t care) that Donald Trump’s I.Q. is 156 or higher.

    VERY very genius intelligence, and with his success in business, this really helps to explain his LACK of patience with STUPID people.

    Also, his LACK of patience and kindness is easy to understand, because if you are running a business, you CANNOT afford to be nice to IDIOTS who will cause your company to LOSE money.

    If you are SMART, you MUST QUICKLY get RID of people who slow you down. If you keep them around just to be “polite or nice” to them, then it’s gonna take money OUT of your business and HURT everybody who NEEDS that company to be successful.

    Now I have a LOT better understanding of WHY he is better than I previously thought, and why SO many people HATE him, is because Donald QUICKLY gets rid & bulldozes OVER people who are damaging to getting ahead or moving forward.

    He cannot waste time being nice to people who damage the future because they don’t have the intelligence to know what is starting to happen and where it will go from there.

    Donald just JUMPS ahead of stupid thinking, announces his conclusion and has the MONEY, POWER & BALLS to stick with his convictions & conclusions.

    I’d actually like him to be president (and I think he has the intelligence to either pick RON PAUL as a running mate, or would appoint Ron Paul into some HIGH position after being elected.)

    Would it NOT be GREAT to see Ron Paul appointed as the Secretary of the Treasury? Hahaha. Or Attorney General?

    How about a COMBINATION appointment for RON PAUL (cut out a LOT of inter-department squabbling) by appointing Ron Paul to the Secretary of the Treasury, Attorney General, Comptroller of the Currency, Head of the FDA, DEA, CIA, NSA and Commerce Secretary (and don’t forget the position that controls the Pentagon and military spending budget.)

    OMG. How many companies and insiders would drop NAIL GUN DRONES on poor old Ron Paul?

    • Sam

      Craig…, you may find this interesting and helpful about “niceness” and where Trump has that correct as you articulate. I would encourage all to check it out:

    • lastmanstanding

      Switching teams now? Looks like they convinced you.

    • Eric

      I know how he feels. The people around us are so dumb and distracted. They get upset only once in a while and I am left thinking, “what the hell were you doing 20 years ago?”

      It’s mostly just goofballs hopped up with nitrous oxide and liquor.

      But I think it is wishful thinking that he would appoint Ron Paul to any position. Donald Trump needs this fractional reserve banking system to continue just like the evil twats that control it now.

      He has already said on Fox Business that he used to own Gold but doesn’t really like it anymore.

      • Ed_B

        “He has already said on Fox Business that he used to own Gold but doesn’t really like it anymore.”

        So maybe he still owns it but hates it? lol

        Hard to say these days. There’s a lot of bluff, bluster, and BS out there. People can and will say just about anything, regardless of how outrageous it might be. Words are like cards in a card game. The most successful players will use them when and where they offer the biggest advantage to them. What they will say and what they actually DO may not be related in any way whatever. Trump is more than sufficiently astute at business to recognize the problems in the US financial system and economy. It’s a sure bet that he knows that the S will indeed HTF one of these days and that a lot of paper will go “POOF!” and completely disappear. When that happens, he isn’t going to be caught flat-footed with no wealth to his name. A lot of that will likely be in the form of land and perhaps businesses as well but it is a pretty safe bet that he has a good stack of hard money too.

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