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Murder & Mayhem In The Middle East

from Peak Prosperity:

…The idea is to break things apart and then make money off of the pieces. It’s not to help people. Otherwise, how do we explain these images?

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6 comments to Murder & Mayhem In The Middle East

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    This is very sad, and scary to think about “national Karma”, and how such karma will come back on the very same country that did this to others.

    (AKA- The golden rule= “Do unto others as you’d have done unto you.)

    Just another great reason to live away from all the cities, to avoid a lot of potential devastation when the karma come back like a boomerang.

    Of course, those devastated Arab cities, may be their OWN national karma coming back at them for centuries of oppressions against anything that does not fit their rules.

    But the USSA did this to them, and our own karma has been seeded. I hope that I will never get caught up in the harvest season of that karma.

  • Sayldog

    All those refugees/potential terrorists would provide a good reason to start micro-chipping everyone. People would be like “it’s a good idea to be able to track and positively identify all these refugees, because this whole thing is another open door through national borders for potential terrorists,” and rightfully so. And then equal rights mouthpieces would start saying “but it’s unfair to micro-chip a unique segment of our society. If the refugees must get chipped, then everyone must.”

    • NIX

      Paper please OK I’ll deal with it, BUT chipp ( fucking lollipop pokemon pipe dream ) IF the cows and the squerel don’t get chipp i don’t either. But i wish they’ll try it just to see what Wilber in Alabama will do! and There is a shitt load of christian who won’t go for it.

  • Steelerdude

    I get the Syria / Iraq pictures…but the Libya / Yemen are not the same….

    just making a point

  • NIX

    Let’s shove peace and democracy up your ass (MOAR WOAR)
    for the children.

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    Good points there “Sayldog”. +100

    And NIX. +100

    (yes STeelerdude, some of the picks are not the exact same location, but I get the point of who is responsible for the destruction, USSA did this.)

    All those widows, orphans will blame the country who owned the planes and who built the bombs and handed out the medals to the soldiers. They will blame the USSA for destroying their land, houses, families, and they will seek revenge until they are old and dead, and they will pass the stories and the hatred along to all their future generations, to their grandchildren for a thousand years.

    They will look for ways to thank us for the democracy we “dropped” on them.

    But we know that all wars are BANKSTER wars, and someday, I hope we will be able to put a permanent stop to those people who control this karrapp. Put an end to those psychopathic, greedy banksters/elites who profit from war & death.

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