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Mr. President, Stick It

from The Burning Platform:

Oh please.

There was not one damn word of contrition for your failures.

Your administration failed to identify the terrorists, despite multiple opportunities.  The woman came to this country and was improperly vetted.  The man was here and apparently had multiple overseas contacts with terrorists, which I remind everyone is already legal for the CIA to intercept (on the other end.)

It appears that your failures not only included missing clear and discoverable information on communication but in addition there appears to be evidence that both money and training flowed from overseas.  

I remind you that every single transaction that flows through FedWire or is cleared through federal facilities (and that’s damn near all of them Internationally) is subject to your administration’s surveillance.


In response your administration now wishes to (again) demand that we give up our right to life while it is under direct threat as a direct and proximate result of your failures.  You place this on the table in the form of further demands for “gun control” despite the fact that the two terrorists were only stopped because good guys had guns and they got to commit as many murders as they did because their victims were unarmed targets, incapable of shooting back due to lack of arms on their person. 

I have one word in response: NO.

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8 comments to Mr. President, Stick It

  • lauren tratar

    If you’re willing to blame certain people you must first do your research and begin with the “bigger picture.”

    Obama is a puppet. The Congress is a puppet. There is a far larger agenda unfolding today which differentiates the wheat from the chaff. So pleeeeeeeeaaaassse, before you hurtle accusatory blame at anyone, do your homework for you would NOT want someone to falsely accuse you if you had nothing to do with what is occurring. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you… I learned the unfortunate TRUTH when faced with 3 foreclosures while my husband was dying. I have gifted the world with a free book and powerpoints entitled WE THE SHEEPLE V. THE BANKSTERS at; and and corroborated my findings with over 500 quotations from people whose integrity and credibility have withstood the test of time.

    This truth will allow you to peel back a layer and expose what is really happening. Bear in mind though, there are even more layers to be peeled back…. Many blessings.

  • randy0302

    Has anyone noticed political correctness died!
    Well said!

  • monica

    “puppet” is too easy, as if the one having his/her strings pulled is a victim or slave to the the one pulling the strings – “puppets” like obama or congress have agreed to play the game for personal gain.
    people choose to be sheep, it’s too much effort to think, investigate, and challenge.

    • lauren tratar

      or perhaps weren’t told the WHOLE truth when they signed up… i begin from the platform that people are good at their core and do not assume they all desire personal gain. but you’re right, people jump to premature conclusions based upon the knowledge they possess at the time. however, when they do the research they discover that they do not possess the whole truth so it is incumbent upon us to first learn what is really happening – the truth NOT being told.

      • chuck

        The idea of the “bigger picture” is clearly understood, but Obama knew what he was getting into from the start. To imply good intentions or innocence to the man is foolish at best. He stands against freedom and liberty and he has shown utter contempt for people who wish it for themselves. He has promoted the wars of his predecessors and started more on his own watch. He has increased the burdens on his countrymen through government regulation and taxation and smugly denied their protests. He is eagerly willing to follow the lead of his Globalist/Zionist corporate banker masters for his own comfort and benefit. I don’t claim the right to speak for others, but I doubt you will find too much sympathy for him or his cohorts around here.

        • lauren tratar

          when you peel back another layer, more is exposed. I am currently doing presentations based upon Einsteins quote: “Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.” thus he implies that the solutions lie at the next level resulting in Humankind evolving into the next stage of evolution. Ancient civilizations had a common theme in the knowledge they left for those of us living today: at the end of a “great Cycle” (aka the 25920 year precession of the equinoxes aka the time it takes for the Earth to wobble on its axis) Humankind is given a “test of consciousness.” If we pass the test, we will move into the “Golden Age of Truth and Knowledge”; aka The Shift of the Ages; The Great Awakening… The ancient indigenous Indians state that we have FAILED 4-5 times before and Humankind had to start over again. So, what would it take to awaken Humanity to the “bigger Picture” – that Earth is home to all of us; that ONLY the most barbaric primitive civilization resorts to war to solve problems…. The larger question is: Are you willing to stand up to evil or are you just waiting for someone else to do it while you complain, blame and be the victim? I teach what lies at the next level: the power of consciousness/thought and how to use this energy. Numerous research studies have been conducted by Princeton and other universities which validate this power. I believe the multi-pronged attack being waged against Humanity right now constitutes the TEST for it is kicking people out of their comfort zones and forcing them to decide what kind of future they want and if they are willing to DO SOMETHING. It just takes the 100th monkey to create critical mass which serves to “download” Humanity to the real POWER each of us holds. The Maya tell us that the amount of pain we endure during the test is directly commensurate with how long it takes us to wake up. Are you open to considering an alternative or has the Cabal effectively closed your mind to that which their media has deemed “nonsense.” the choice is yours.

  • iguana green

    Yeah. Spy on ALL of America in the effort to keep us “safe.”
    What a bunch of HorseCrap! All this spying and shuckin’ and Jivin’ and they couldn’t pick these 2 towel heads out of the crowd of billigerent criminals? it’s so out of control.

  • Rob

    Thought it was three tall white dudes …

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