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Middle East War Coming, Economy Tanks Fed Hikes, Obama Care Implosion and Bailout

from Greg Hunter:

As terrible as the terror attack in San Bernardino, California, is it’s not really the big story.

I know you have been seeing wall to wall coverage of this attack. I am sure some Democrats and the President would like this to be workplace violence, but let’s face it, it was a terror attack carried out by violent Islamic extremists. I am equally sure the President and some Democrats would like to use this as a way to have anti-gun legislation. Both of these views are delusional and out of touch with most Americans. Look no further than Black Friday gun sales. They broke records, and that was before this awful attack. Not all Muslims are bad, but the population is so big globally that if just 10% were radicalized, it would be 160 or 170 million people. This is the new asymmetrical warfare, and it will increase because conflict in the Middle East is increasing.

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1 comment to Middle East War Coming, Economy Tanks Fed Hikes, Obama Care Implosion and Bailout

  • Deftest

    Did you say god is in control? How can you say such nonsense? Yes, we should fear because the ones in control want our demise. Did you also say that Muslims perpetrated the attack in San Bernardino? Who was their accomplices if not the US? With high tech surveillance system, you’re going to tell me that those two patsies did it without their knowledge? No and no. It was a concerted operation like the Boston marathon. The only problem is those patsies don’t understand that they are going to lose their life as a consequence of their actions.
    Cui bono? The US. What’s their agenda? To confiscate every US citizen their ability to defend themselves in case the government goes against their assets, their lives…

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