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Martin Armstrong & Chris Waltzek



  • Chris welcomes back Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics, the subject of a new riveting documentary The Forecaster (2015).
  • Watch the theatrical trailer video (Figure 1.1.). 
  • At the heart of his investing methodology are international money flows.
  • The recent FOMC rate hike could actually be a boon for US equities indexes, as investors direct funds from sluggish international zones. 
  • The discussion includes the threat posed by a cash-less society, an economic ontology gaining momentum domestically and worldwide.

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1 comment to Martin Armstrong & Chris Waltzek

  • tomche

    I saw “The Forecaster” and I’s score it 7 out of 10. It’s okay but not all that. I used to be a big Marty Armstrong fan, but it appears as though he has sold out. So sad…

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