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Libtards Declare WAR on Gun Owners as NY Daily News Declares All Americans with Guns are Jihadi Terrorists

by J. D. Heyes, Natural News:

Are you an American who observes, enjoys and takes full advantage of your right to “keep and bear arms,” as enumerated under the Second Amendment to the Constitution?

If so, you’re little more than a degenerate Islamic terrorist, like those who just killed 14 citizens in San Bernardino, Calif., this month and wounded 17 more. That’s according to the journalistic trolls at the New York Daily News which, at last glance was circling the drain.

Using its front page recently to label National Rifle Association President Wayne LaPierre – a tireless Second Amendment advocate – a terrorist, the journalistic delinquents on the editorial staff went on to claim he was running a “sick jihad” against the country.

As further noted by

“The front page of the November 23 edition featured artwork with La Pierre’s head superimposed on the body of a terrorist. The terrorist was carrying a semiautomatic rifle and wearing an NRA patch on his uniform. It featured the despicable headline, ‘Nowhere to Hide, Jihadi Wayne.’

“It was a reference to Jihadi John – the nickname Britain’s tabloid press put on notorious ISIS executioner Mohammed Emwazi. Emwazi was reportedly killed by a drone operated by British SAS commandos last month. Emwazi was infamous for executing people with swords on ISIS propaganda videos.”

Editorial staff of the NYDN sick, deluded Marxists

Then, on the front page of the Dec. 4 edition, editors featured photos of five mass murderers: San Bernardino gunman Syed Farook (an actual terrorist); Planned Parenthood shooter Robert Dear; Charleston church killer Dylann Roof, a racist; Newtown school shooter Adam Lanza; and Aurora movie massacre perp James Holmes, under the headline that said, “These guys” are all terrorists. A picture of LaPierre was also featured, with the additional headline, “And This Guy” too.

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2 comments to Libtards Declare WAR on Gun Owners as NY Daily News Declares All Americans with Guns are Jihadi Terrorists

  • d

    for starters a 100 MILLION dollar law suit for slander should be started NOW….by WL and the NRA for its ‘ jihadist’ members against the NYD news….gloves off , it is time to take these Marxist to that they know that they can be called out for their rant…..yes it is protected free speech, but even free speech, as THIS administration has shown us is really not ‘ free’…..there IS a price to pay….get going NRA…imho

  • Libtards?/Conserv? More false dichotomy crap from J.C. Heyes…TBoth, I repeat both sides are doing this…

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