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Kerry’s Moscow Meeting: A Hopeful Sign?

from Paul Craig Roberts:

As those of you who support this website know, the deal we made is that this is your site, and it will remain up as long as you support it. Many of you have kept our bargain.

Today this website alone has hundreds of thousands of readers, and millions more from the many websites in the US and abroad that republish my columns. But only a relatively few readers financially support the website. The reluctance of Americans to support those who give them truth is one reason Americans have so little of it.

Columns on the website created at your request are translated into many languages: Chinese, Russian, Iranian, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Greek, Romanian, and perhaps others of which I am unaware. Japanese readers tell me that my columns are discussed in Japan.

Three books have originated from columns I have posted on this website. One is The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism And Economic Dissolution Of The West. This book has been pubished in German, English, Czech, Chinese, and Korean.

Another book is How America Was Lost. This book has been pubished in German, English, French, and is forthcoming in Russian.

My most recent book is The Neoconservative Threat to World Order: Washington’s Perilous War For Hegemony. This book has been pubished in English and in German.

Recently, former Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama used my articles about the alleged ISIL Paris attack to raise questions in Japan’s parliament about the official story of the attack.

Also recently, a prominent French commentator, Philippe Grasset, wrote about my warning that Washington has the planet on the road to destruction in nuclear war. Grasset agrees about the road that we are on, but hopes that Washington will collapse from economic and political dysfunction before Washington can initiate nuclear war.

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