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Iranian War Ship Fires Rockets 1500 Yards From U.S. Aircraft Carrier

from Spiro:

The U.S. aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman came about 1,500 yards from an Iranian rocket in the Strait of Hormuz last week, two U.S. military officials told NBC News on Tuesday.

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6 comments to Iranian War Ship Fires Rockets 1500 Yards From U.S. Aircraft Carrier

  • CalSailX

    Let me see… ya… 1500yds. Assholes on the Truman didn’t want that to happen! Gentlemen if you are unfortunate enough to under that douche… get the fuck out of the navy NOW!

  • CalSailX

    Force for “good”… chuckle… is that where ask everyone to bend over and welcome that force for “good”? Sorry if the Iranian’s can fart without us knowing about it… then things have slipped rather badly since I severed.

  • karate kid

    cares maybe well let them dock in florida.
    to spend thier 100 billion dollars we handed them
    america home of the slave land of the dummy

    just buy more stocks 100,ooo thousand dow here we come
    its chilling our leaders guilty of treason
    our society glorifying abortion and homsexuals
    wake me up when its all over

    delusions is not a strong word here

    satanistic culture is more appropriate

    doo lee daa ba ba aba bee doo doo take it

  • Do I Understand

    correctly, that the Iranians missed by 1500 yards?

  • Christine

    Apparently, it is B.S. spread by NBC. Let’s wait for Russia to produce satelite proof that, once again, it is disinfo intended to start a major conflict… Washington and the presstitutes have been at it for years. They want a war. They NEED a war. Their M.O. has become completely transparent by now.

    “The alleged dangerous missile launch was reported by NBC News, which cited two unnamed US military officials as saying that the USS Harry S. Truman was about 1,400 meters away from the Iranian vessels, which launched two missiles as part of naval exercises.

    “The publication of such false news under the present circumstances is akin to psychological warfare,” Sharif said.”

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