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How the Richest Man in the World Rules the U.S. from Riyadh

from Washington’s Blog:

Did you know that Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to the United States, the Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan Al Saud (affectionately known in the U.S. as “Bandar Bush”), had donated millions to Al Qaeda before the 9/11 attacks, according to the sworn court testimony  of the man who had served as Al Qaeda’s bookkeeper and as the bagman who personally collected the mega-donations to Al Qaeda, all in cash? 

How come you didn’t read about that in newspapers and magazines, and hear about it on TV ‘news’-reports; and why was this stunning and crucially important testimony published only at small independent news-sites, such as here


(Evaluate it for yourself there, and figure out for yourself why the man there testifying is still kept hidden away in a U.S. super-max prison, and why his testimony has been hushed up. Even though American Presidents have changed, America’s international policies haven’t. Barack Obama protects George W. Bush, who previously had protected “Bandar Bush.” Obama, who publicly condemns torture, even privately protects Bush’s agents who perpetrated tortures.)

Americans, like the citizens of some other countries where elections are held, are told by the ‘news’ media that it’s a ‘democracy,’ even if it’s actually not. Is the U.S., really  a “democracy”?

Read the following, click onto the links here for the evidence, and you will know why the U.S. government supplies Al Qaeda and even ISIS, and who the key individuals are behind Islamic terrorism, otherwise known as jihadism. Read the following, and its linked sources, and you will see clearly through the trashy ‘news’ reports that are little more than stenographic reports of what’s being said by officials who are actually lying through their teeth, partly in order to cover up their own guilt, but also because their ultimate paymasters demand these lies.

The great investigative historian F. William Engdahl headlined December 9th at sott, “Investigating Saudi Arabia’s sponsorship of Turkish politics, terrorism, and the frenzied conflict in Syria,”  and he put together the pieces of the type of major news report about the Saudi-run U.S. operation, that I had been preparing and hoping to present on this matter, but he did it faster, and so everyone should see it there, because what he is showing (and all of his factual allegations are true though he failed to provide the links to the evidence, as I would have done if I had written it) is that the top priority of America’s foreign and military policies is to serve King Salman al-Saud of Saudi Arabia (the world’s richest person), and to conquer his major oil-and-gas competitor Russia, by removing heads-of-state who are allied with Russia. Russia competes with Saudi Arabia as the world’s top oil-and-gas producer, and it’s the #1 power for all natural resources combined. And the Saudi-U.S. alliance, which rules NATO and “the West” (Europe and Japan), are determined to conquer and grab those Russian assets for themselves, so that the aristocracies which are allied to the U.S. aristocracy will control these assets, and aristocracies which aren’t U.S.-allied won’t. But the U.S. is really just a ‘democratic’ front for the Saud family, in the final analysis. And the Sauds were aristocrats even before the United States existed.

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