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Government Sponsored Terror [& Other Outrages] — BrotherJohnF


From ISIS to Paris to San Bernardino to Syria and Turkey, the trusty playbook of government sponsored terror is being exposed globally. The only question is, when will the mockingbird mainstream media be forced to stop ignoring it? BrotherJohnF joins me to discuss the latest government sponsored geopolitical and economic terror. To sign up for John’s members-only updates, click here.

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48 comments to Government Sponsored Terror [& Other Outrages] — BrotherJohnF

  • glitter 1

    Let me be the first,great interview.I too am with BJF on the view that “They”(including Putin) are all in on it.Also,their plan(s)is generational.”Let the Kings be Kings,The Bankers be Bankers,The Priests be Priests” – John Todd (from the 1970’s)confirmed by Doc Marquis 2015.

    Posted here on 07/23/2014:

    > The NWO is not what most think.
    > The Goal/End Game is all scripted and is playing out as planned.
    > The Controllers are not just in the US,UK,EU,they are also in
    China,Russia,Japan,Korea,Canada,Mexico and all of the rest.
    > They are all in on it and doing their bit part.
    > Once you know and understand the Big Picture Plan,you can connect the Dots and
    deduce where this is all headed.
    > “The Signs Of The Times”,the Markers and Sign Posts are before us to see.The
    Controllers will not turn it back/allow it to turn back.
    > When the Great Convergence arrives,they will all go under ground in their bunkers and leave the
    “Profane” to swing in the breeze on their own,to fend for themselves.

    Ecclesiastes 10:2 A wise man’s heart is at his right hand; but a fool’s heart at his left.

  • Rob

    Well glitter 1
    You pretty much summed it up.

  • LK

    “when will the mockingbird mainstream media be forced to stop ignoring it?”

    When violence/war is no longer profitable at all levels.

  • Phil Downunder

    Hey Sean,

    On the topic of staged, false flag terror shootings/attacks, I couldn’t let this one slip by.

    Remember the Port Arthur Massacre in April 1996? The one that dis-armed Australia by the then conservative govt. instituting a “gun buy-back scheme” which resulted in 650,000 semi’s being crushed (or recycled onto the black market).

    Last Sunday, a major bankster-controlled newsrag, The Sunday Telegraph felt it necessary to remind Sydney about the “monster” who (purportedly) shot 35 and wounded 21.

    This is the second front page Sunday article in about 2 months on this same topic by the same rag. And I’m still soncerned about John Brennan’s mid-October visit downunder!!

    Something doesn’t feel right.

    • SGT

      Hey Phil, Yep – I’ve talked about that false flag in a couple of interviews. That’s the model they are attempting to use here in the Staes as well, but every time they pull off one of these murderous Psyops, gun sales spike through the roof… Not the reaction they want to see.

  • Greg

    BrotherJohnF is a great example of a gentleman and scholar. Great having him on SGTreport and always a pleasure to listen to. I didn’t agree with him on bitcoin, but he was right on the button.

  • Christine


    I have tried to understand bitcoin by reading about it and listening to a few Youtube videos but I still don’t. Do you have someone in your audio archives who explained it really very clearly? If yes, would you post it again?

    I’m sure other readers would appreciate a refresher as well…

  • Eric

    Who has or needs to send a million dollars around the world?

    Silver = money
    Bitcoin = new banker controlled currency
    Federal Reserve Note = Almost dead

    • lastmanstanding


      Live = buy = stay = LOCAL

      Those of you who thing that you have to travel all over the planet for fun and jest better spend your funds on something useful. Like things for your survival for the rest of your life…Because your time is almost up.

      Electricity…the most undervalued commodity on the planet. Especially lazy Americans. Without it, at least 1/2 of Americans will be done in 30 days.

    • Ben Johnson

      I agree completly with you. Bit coin + Quantum Computer = Government theft of your money Silver = real wealth.

  • KRELL427

    Bitcoin= cashless society beta test. Looper is one of my favorite movies showing physical gold and silver in the future. Too many digital currencies are popping up and their value is based on what? I still say anything you do on a computer or phone in this digital age is recorded.We are living in an era where a useless company like Facebook is valued higher than a company that is producing real wealth with real assets. When this thing blows and reality sets in and the dusts settles there’s going to be one hell of a lot of shocked suckers that had their wealth vaporized. Get the pop corn ready to sit back and watch the greatest wealth transfer in the history of the world. I am really tired of this subject, will have to wait and see.In the mean time I am acquiring every ounce of physical silver I can get my hands on at these price levels.I even sold my 1966 and 1969 high horse 427 corvettes for strong money to put into these undervalued assets. When I was young I remember people telling me I was wasting my money on muscle cars until Barret Jaskon came on the television. Then I started getting phone calls from friends saying did you see what the cars are selling for.I just laughed and my parents even apologized for criticizing me. Right now I am getting the exact same feeling about silver.

    • Ed_B

      IMO, Bitcoin has one and only one useful purpose and that is to move money across national borders that have erected currency controls. Wealthy Chinese, for example, are using it to get their wealth out of China and to other places. But once there, they need to convert this digi-fiat into something substantial… like gold, silver, land, profitable businesses, farms, ranches, flocks and herds, and useful equipment that can make them some money. Holding wealth in Bitcoins seems destined for disaster, just as it is in any other form of fiat currency.

  • Dissolution

    Thanks Sean for getting John back on. I always enjoy hearing you guys together on the same call. On the subject of Bitcoin, I still don’t like it, but I’ll tell ya what, if I had listened to him in Fall 2012 and pulled the trigger when Bitcoin was at $10, I would have been sitting pretty.

    As for Putin, I’m holding on to my faith that Putin is an honorable man. I’ve seen him speak enough, and when you see the real rage in his eyes when he asks American reporters if they understand who is actually funding ISIS, that’s when you get the sense that he is for real. I know he makes his speeches at COP21 etc. etc. and that seems to discredit him, but I think that THAT is where his acting comes in.

    • lastmanstanding

      He is a communist. Just like every leader in the G20 today and many more.

      NEVER…lose sight of that.

      • Christine

        Isn’t that a tad shortsighted to call someone a “communist” when our own country has become some hybrid system and cesspool of oligarchs governing it and writing laws, and where profits from slavery are being capitalized upon by the very few but losses (resulting from the unilateral actions of those few) are borne by the many? What are we? Capitalist? Hell no! A capitalist regime would have allowed banks to fail and nature to take its course.

        Rational people don’t use sweeping epithets to disparage. They look at actions and results. In that regards, the US have miserably failed and have created for the past 70 years -and continue to create- mayhem the world over. “Communist” Russia doesn’t. “Communist” China doesn’t.

  • Gnostic

    Always enjoy Brother John, Next we need to hear from Chris Duane, SS.

    PS-Does anyone know when the collapse will occur?

    I am debating whether to renew my Yearly AAA Club Membership, Which would be useless in a collapse scenario. {sarc}

    • Eric

      Gnostic, it isn’t going to collapse. Things are looking better than they did a couple years ago. Of course if you look behind the scene, the tribe is still in charge. Collapse would almost be welcome to get rid of them. The dollar will reset lower but it won’t collapse.

      Don’t have AAA. But if it isn’t much might be worth having. My buddy’s AAA has saved me before a couple times. Especially if your car is getting kind of old.

      I wouldn’t mind hearing from Chris. Was just thinking that too. We could use his common sense right now with all the morons around.

      I’d love to hear from Alasdair again too. Especially about inventories left and BitGold.

      • Gnostic

        AAA is $89.00 for the premium plan, they will tow you up to 100 miles

        And, Oh yes forgot about “The Tribe” Cunning bunch aren’t they, They control Britain, China & Russia, Vatican City as well as most all else. We already are in a NWO as well as WW3, I’m just waiting to hear it from MSM,then it is official.

        The only news the sheeple accept as Truth & Factual.

        • Eric

          $89 for a year doesn’t seem so bad. I think I have emergency roadside assistance through my insurance but I’ve never used it. If you have state farm or all state, you may want to check with them to see if you already have something, but $89 is 5 ounces of silver for something you may not need or use. Then again, it’s peace of mind which is what comes from stacking coins. I would consider the condition of your vehicle. If the tires are somewhat old, the battery isn’t too new, might need a new starter or fan belt or something.

          A lot of people out here have AAA. But this is one of those places you want to have it. In rural America, I don’t know. Maybe just keep the number of a local towing company handy instead and save the cash for something else.

          You’ll have to make that call. Maybe review first and make sure you got all your other bases covered. Got 6 months of food and water and toilet paper stored up? 6 months living expenses? Need new tires or battery? All debt paid off? Anything else you need for sure? Check the basics that we talk about all the time. It’s always good to step back for a minute and think about where you’re at with a clear head.

          I just had to sign up for new health insurance AGAIN because the insurer I had just decided to call it quits. And it wasn’t United Health. But the funny thing is my premium went down and my plan is unlimited doctors visits and 20% coinsurance now after the deductible so even better than what I had.

          My State Farm guy is the best! I remember a lady I was working for back in the day asked me, “WHY are you with State Farm? They’re the most expensive!”

          My answer: Because they always take care of me and I get discounts for combined policies. Plus my agent explains everything to me and works with me to find what’s best for me. I’m happy with them.

          Always buy quality. That way you’re never disappointed with it.

          Don’t hold out for any official announcements from the lame stream dinosaur media. They can’t afford to take the risk.

          I see another leg down in oil which will push the dollar up. Metals? Who knows and who cares. The downside isn’t much. The upside is infinite. Keep stacking. Take the good money out of the system and leave the zio-currency where it belongs. In the graveyard.

          • Gnostic

            I have State Farm & they were the cheapest price, Will check with them on Road assistance, My Van is 14 years old, with low mileage, I do most of the mechanical work myself, I need tires, Zio cash is low, have provisions for at least 3 months would like more, Silver, Yes.

            As far as debt free, Hardly, Plenty of debt, credit cards, Etc, I really don’t care – I have not been to a Doctor in 8 years, I am treating a painful 2nd degree chemical burn on my feet, so far no infection, prognosis good

            I learned a long time ago,In this Jew rigged system, We are all born into debt, In fact the word “Sin” from the ancient Sumerian Text means Debt. So in the Torah we are all born with “Original Sin”

            • Eric

              That’s interesting. I didn’t know that. But it makes sense.

              Ask any jew. It’s all written in the Torah. And apparently none of the other books or texts matter. Even if they pre-date the Torah.

              Well, all I can say is shop around for the best deal on tires. I would put it off if they’re not too bad and probably skip the AAA if you have CC debt. You don’t NEED AAA, but you have to eliminate the CC debt. More important than stacking silver. PLEASE whatever you do at least make sure your Zio-debt is consolidated at 3% or less. There has to be a way to do it. I think Chase has a card even where you can transfer a balance with no fee and pay 0% for 15 months. I see too many people let months go by paying 21% interest to the bank and you’ll never get rid of it that way. Why do you want to pay the bank? Always pay down the one with the highest interest rate first. I know it’s more fun to stack silver but as long as you have some you’re fine. Get rid of the CC debt and keep it that way. You’ll be in a better position to stack after that. I still have a boatload of debt too but it’s all mortgage debt at 3.25% And NOBODY should be paying more than that. Still, it would be nice to figure out a way to get rid of it. Odds are we aren’t going to find much of way to not pay it. It will more than likely be inflated away, but you have to have a low low interest rate. Get a free copy of your credit report and check it. Just get the rate down and stop paying the jew bank!

              AS for the burn, shit man… go to the doctor! I keep saying (and nobody listens) that Allicin C is the best for fighting off infection and MRSA and for healing. Personally I think some Colloidal silver wouldn’t hurt either even if you just drop a coin in some water and drink it down. Can’t hurt. The old adage is true. ““When you have your health, you have everything. When you do not have your health, nothing else matters at all.”

              I’ll look up some stuff in my nutritional healing book and get back to you with some ideas. Gnostic man, you got some work to do. Lay off the ernest and jewlio. But for now enjoy this…

              • Gnostic

                Thanks man,

                Can’t possibly pay off my Sin/Debt not even if I scored a six figure income, Oh well, it’s only digits created by some rabbis, don’t see how it makes a difference & since I am no longer a christian, I don’t need to render unto Caesar, As far as I know since fiat money is created as debt, every item the government purchases or I purchase is one big credit card anyway. As far as I can say is I am debt free, I Accept For Value.


                • Howard Roark

                  That video is a great way to end up in prison. I know several people that did this, went along fine for a while, several months to years…one drove a brand new car for nearly 2 years doing “AforV” then “the visit” which ALL of them received.

                  All followed by extended stays in a federal “gated community”.

                  The mechanism of evil can’t be used against it’s master

                • Eric

                  Yeah I agree. I’ve heard of people doing it and have considered it myself many times. If you know how their system works and most of us do, you make it work for you the best that you can, but you have to go back and forth with them many times or get a visit or get made an example of. Best to stay debt free in the first place.

                  You can try it with a gas bill if you don’t mind the gas being shut off. But as George Carlin said, “They got you by the balls.” Considering what they did to Dean Clifford and Santos Bonacci, I’ll play their stupid game. And they weren’t even in the states. And really knew how this works. Tread carefully.

                • Gnostic

                  Never tried it never will, in theory it is correct but just like the 16th Amendment & Supreme Court Ruling that Income Tax is voluntary, Yet they still will convict you in a lower court, There is no rule of law.

                • Eric

                  Nope. But either rule of law will return or not. Just make sure you’re legal and not just lawful, because they have infinite resources still.

                • Eric

                  Good show on Rense tonight. Larry Nichols in 30 minutes.

              • willygroper


                That’s why it’s hard to find.

        • glitter 1

          My AAA Premium covers multiple tows + (1)200 mile tow per year,never had to use it for 200 miles though.It’s well worth the cost.

  • Christine

    We all learn differently. I like to hear but reading is better for me: it sticks longer. So here it is, in print. And to be perfectly honest, it doesn’t matter to me who writes what: either it makes sense and asks the right questions or it doesn’t. Editorials a-la Hodges, Alex Jones or Snyder don’t do it for me. All I want is to know is that others are asking the same questions I do, based on the same screwy info.

    San Bernadino shooting story shot full of holes by patsies’ attorney

    And for the naysayers: yeah, I know. Veterans Today has gotten a bad wrap lately. i don’t care. My questions are all laid out here. It means that plenty of other people have the same ones.

  • d

    Has anyone seen or heard of any security tapes from the attacked facility….I have not heard any reporter asking the question..Where are the security footage of the grounds ,buildings and parking lot of the facility….where are they?…..imh

  • anon

    “ISIS is USUS” – John B. Wells (Here are two recent CTM interviews worth the listen)

    Caravan To Midnight – The Truth About Pearl Harbor

    Caravan To Midnight – Episode 421 University Controlled Demolition of the U.S.

    Turkey is a member of NATO. The (“JewK”) UK, (“JewS”) US, & Rothschild-Israel are in alliance with the House of Saud (Saudi Arabia) which is in alliance with Qatar. S.A. & Qatar are the prime sponsors of Terrorism. Hence, “ISIS is USUS”.

  • Kakistocracy

    Great interview.
    Definintely all of the international players are “IN ON THE GAME” , no question about it.
    Here in Kanada, we selected Nepotistic Prime Minister Justine Turdo. His father was PM some thirty years ago.
    Check out the backstory on this new PM, son of an old Rosicrucian Pierre Trudeau:

    Justin(e) came out of nowhere. He used to work as a bouncer in a dance club.
    Disappeared for years and had odd jobs like volunteer fireman other crap.
    Very fishy.
    Of course he is a closet fag just like Barry Sohoh-toro. Justine’s wife is just a beard.
    Very sad state of affairs in EVERY F’CKING COUNTRY of this depressing world.

    RE: Bitcoin.
    How the hell can you guys not know about the TRANSACTION FEE that is required for all Bitcoin transactions ?
    You people who speak about Bitcoin: Have you actually ever used it ?

    Let me write a short poem about this tragedy:

    (long ago)
    We began as a Monarchy
    Morphed into an Aristocracy
    Evolved into a Democracy
    Bought and sold into a Plutocracy
    Purloined into a Kleptocracy
    And now with nothing left
    We have metastasized into a Kakistocracy
    Yes this is utter lunancy

  • Huh

    It would be cool if these two would pull a Turd Ferguson and step out from behind the pseudonyms and put their names and faces to their interviews and videos.

  • Christine

    Very interesting article about Israel, the political it increasingly represents and Iran’s prediction that in 25 years, Israel will no longer exist.

    “3. Loss of international support
    While Israel’s nosedive into illiberalism may well lead to a protracted divorce between the Jewish state and its historical allies in Jewish communities around the world, its image has also simultaneously taken a severe blow over the years and its supporters, at least in the public domain, continue to wane. Even in the UK, seen historically as a stalwart supporter of the Jewish state, Israel is currently loathed more than Iran.

    However, Israel’s troubles are more than just an image problem, even if its image is unusually more important than most; carefully crafted as a tool of soft power to justify the state’s privileged status despite its many transgressions. It is because Israel is supposedly modelled on the West and ostensibly upholds liberal, democratic values that it is granted enormous latitude compared to other pariah states.

    The reasons for the haemorrhaging in support for Israel are easy to see. For a start, people are more aware of the country’s past. It is now universally accepted, except by die-hard Zionists, that Israel’s implanting into Palestine led to the ethnic cleansing of nearly a million Palestinian in an attempt to artificially create a Jewish majority where previously one did not exist. People are also highly attuned to Israel’s colonialism and racism that followed the ethnic cleansing.”

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