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GOP CORRUPTION IN PLAIN SIGHT: Ballot shenanigans in plot to stop Trump

by Bob Unruh, WND:

Critics of Republican presidential primary front-runner and billionaire Donald Trump, not having encountered his type of self-reliant, self-funded, brash and blunt candidacy, have taken to lobbing challenges to his ballot access to oppose him.

Unsuccessfully, so far.

But analysts do point out that getting the GOP nomination actually is a laborious process of lining up dozens, then hundreds, then thousands of delegates who are party faithful, and they wonder if the earthquake-generating candidate can establish the foot soldier network to do that.

One of the complaints to Trump’s ballot status happened in New Hampshire, where a former state Republican Party executive, Fergus Cullen, claimed Trump should not be allowed on the GOP ballot for several reasons, including that Trump has a history of being a Democrat and independent, and Trump’s views, “expressed over decades, are inconsistent with the Republican Party platform and the Republican Party of New Hampshire’s Statement of Principles and By Laws.”

A report in WMUR explained that after a hearing “that lasted two minutes, the five-member commission voted unanimously that the challenge filed by Fergus Cullen was without merit.”

New Hampshire Ballot Commission Chairman Brad Cook described Cullen’s challenge as “grandstanding of the first order, and I didn’t appreciate it.”

“It was trying to make an editorial statement,” he said. “The commission – regardless of what anybody thinks of the merits or demerits, or the philosophy or anything about a candidate – our sole role is to figure out if a filing was legal and accurate.”

There was another challenge mounted in South Carolina, right about the time of the first GOP presidential debate when Trump refused to promise he would not leave the party and stage a third-party run. He has since stated he’s committed to the party.

At the time, according to Political Insider, GOP officials called for all candidates to affirm they would support the “nominees and platform of the Republican Party” in the 2016 election.

Trump originally said he wouldn’t want to run as a third-party candidate but needed to option to ensure he was treated fairly by the GOP during the primary season. He later said his plans did not include any such departure from the party.

There even was the report this week from the Christian Times Newspaper that said it learned several states “have all REMOVED Trump’s name from their state’s upcoming Republican primaries.”

“Election judges in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, North Carolina, and Florida all allegedly forwarded messages to the Trump campaign on Wednesday informing the Republican front-runner that his candidacy was invalid per state laws,” the report said.

If not resolved by February 1st, Trump’s campaign for the Republican nomination is effectively over.

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2 comments to GOP CORRUPTION IN PLAIN SIGHT: Ballot shenanigans in plot to stop Trump

  • Every time these guys create blowback against Trump they strengthen his position.
    It is just exposing these guys for what they are .
    The System was set up to operate this way. if the establishment don’t like it they can stick it up their moon .
    Statements in the article question whether trump can put a team of people together in the White House .
    That is a joke because it iis his strength. building teams of people who know what they’re doing to complete a task.
    With the country’s best interest in mind .unlike the jack wagon we have right now trying his best to derail this place .

  • Millicent

    “Jack Wagon” = Muslim Faggot of questionable origin…

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