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“Global Warming:” Democrats Claim Climate Isn’t Weather, Oppose Dictionary Definition

by Kit Daniels, Infowars:

“Climate isn’t the same as weather,” according to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, a claim which challenges the dictionary’s definition of “climate.”

The DCCC made the claim in a handout entitled A Democrat’s Guide to Talking to Climate Change Skeptics, which, as the title implies, is meant to advise Democrats on how to criticize those who question “global warming.”

“Climate isn’t the same as weather,” the guide claims. “Individual cold or hot days don’t mean much – but the average global temperature has risen over the last century, and 14 of 15 hottest years on record occurred since the year 2000.” But defines “climate” as “the composite or generally prevailing weather conditions of a region.”

And says “weather” and “temperature” are synonyms for “climate,” which it defines as “weather of region.”

It appears the DCCC is trying to claim that “individual cold days” are outliers which do not refute “global warming,” but it’s a stretch to suggest the record snow and cold weather across the U.S. in the past couple of years are just “freak occurrences,” especially considering that satellite data shows both an increase in Arctic ice recently and no warming trend globally for over 18 years.

“Over the past month, there has been a large surge in Arctic ice growth, leading to the largest extent for the date since at least 2004,” Climate Depot reported. “This went on all through [the Paris Climate Conference] – where tens of thousands of criminals met in an effort to steal your money, freedom and energy security.”

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2 comments to “Global Warming:” Democrats Claim Climate Isn’t Weather, Oppose Dictionary Definition

  • dan

    FUCK the democrat’s ..and everything they claim and want….I pray ,that since they want as many Muslims as can be relocated here in the USA…that THEY be the first to receive the wrath of jihad….amen

  • Johnny

    Actually that climate is a different thing than weather is true.
    The fact that in the last two years there has been a lot of snow in the US doesn’t prove that temperature globally hasn’t risen.
    Thicket ice this year isn’t a sign that temperature is not rising. An up year doesn’t mean much if the longer trend is still snowing ice thickening.
    Mean global temperatures have actually increase in the past 18 years with 2014 as the hottest year on record.
    It’s a shame such misinformation is fed by the site to its readers.

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