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Game of Money

When you are born, you enter the realm of someone else’s schemes and paradigms. It does not mean you have to live and die there.

by Seneca Sherlock Taleb, SGT Report:

Prologue: Yes, this “book” is very short. When it comes to reading and writing, short is good.

One thing about good poems and sentences though, is their ability to say more by saying less; they can convey more meaning by not trying to say and define everything. At the same time, they are not too vague as concepts (terms) are.

One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple” – Jack Kerouac

This “book” contains relevant information about the game of money. The game affects all of us. Shortness is simply due to the fact that this topic is very simple and all the boring and useless stuff is left out.

I imagine every word I write requires days of heavy labor. This ensures I don’t fill my texts with useless sentences. Why not just deliver the conclusion in a compact and clear manner, and force you to think for yourself? Same information, evidence and facts about the world are available for the reader as are for me, so I see no point in rewriting them all here.

Benefit comes from the ability to filter out all the noise that is also out there. What is written here is the clean signal. What works as filter are practical observations and thinking. All fancy narratives and theories are rejected by the filter. Today, one example of complete noise is equality among people. There has never been such a thing and never will be. Human nature cannot be explained away.

How to play the game of money is hidden in plain sight by every one of us, because every time the current layer of paint on top of it starts to wear out, someone rushes to paint over it.

Maybe I am painting too. It is up to you to decide. Enjoy!


For thousands of years, there has been something valuable in the world that people have exchanged a lot of things for: money in some form.

Regardless of what is viewed as money in your society, the more things you can buy with it, the more valuable money is and the more it becomes power. In societies with no money, force becomes money and therefore power, since you can “exchange” force for nearly everything else.

Something is always viewed as money. It is due to human nature. Put a group of randomly selected people from different eras together in a piece of land, and they will come up with
money and start using it.

Whatever is treated as money in your era is money only because it is viewed as such by a group of people.

Game of Money

Game of money = what is viewed as money + what can you buy with money + how money is used.
We are all involved in the game of money. We define these three factors. But do not, under any circumstances, take the game seriously. And don’t get bored. Some say whole life is a game but for our purposes, we will stick with game of money.

How the game of money is played has concrete consequences to all of us. Feel the power when deciding what to do with your money and what to view as money. Buying something
is an action for a society with that thing in it. Not buying something is an action against a society with that thing in it. Accepting money in exchange for something you have is an action to strengthen money (both the form of money and what you can buy with it). Not accepting money in exchange for something you have is an action to weaken money.

Rules of the game are arbitrarily created and changed. Players decide without limitations (except the ones they might put on themselves) what is viewed as money, how they use their money and what they are willing to exchange for money. THERE ARE NO REAL RULES.

This is the game of money. It is a simple game.

The game gets its shape as we play it. It can be a small or big part of our lives. Whatever it shapes out to be, we deserve it. We made it. It is COMPLETELY up to you how you want to play the game of money. There is no “correct” way to play it.

Many play the game of money to their benefit and to best of their abilities. However, some players have some clever tricks up their sleeves. And they are not playing to make your game or life better – nor could they or any other player besides you yourself.

You can choose not to participate in the game (i.e. not to use money), but you are still affected by how the rest of us play.


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