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France’s FAR RIGHT Revs Up For Roaring Performance in Regional Votes

from Euronews:

The forecasts for the regional elections to take place in France this Sunday Dec. 6th are fraught with uncertainty. With the country on security alert, the populist Front National will win the most votes in round one, according to a poll in newspaper Le Monde, 30% under Marine Le Pen’s leadership, just ahead of centre-right Nicolas Sarkozy’s Republicans. The Socialists look set to place third, with a 22% share of the vote.

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1 comment to France’s FAR RIGHT Revs Up For Roaring Performance in Regional Votes

  • Christine

    Those elections are completely meaningless. French MSM has capitalized since 11/13 to block media access to every other party, under the guise that “the news about that terrorist attack is more important than the campaign”. For the first time EVER, only Le Pen, Sarkozy and Hollande were given airtime on any TV channel. All other parties saw all their previous engagements cancelled.

    So… whether Le Pen, Sarkozy or Hollande, the Cabal knows they’re in their pocket. Again, it has never been done there before and… It’s starting to really show and people have eyes to see with and ears to hear with. Tension is mounting.

    All three are staunch pro-Israel.

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