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Fox News Reporter Corners WH Spokesman With Perfect Question That Exposes Obama’s Agenda

from Western Journalism:

There’s one thing that gun owners and gun enthusiasts know about California gun laws: California has some of the strongest gun laws, gun regulations and gun prohibitions of any state in the union.

The hostile environment that California has created for gun enthusiasts has led many gun manufacturers, gun shops, and gun enthusiasts to pick up and leave in search of a state that in their view better respects Second Amendment rights and freedoms, or not do business in the state. In fact, some might say California is very close to having a complete ban of all firearms.

Here’s a quick list of the laws in California that the terrorists broke during the shooting Wednesday:

  • The long guns used were banned and illegal to purchase.
  • The magazines used in the pistols were illegal to purchase in.
  • It is illegal in the state to modify a weapon to make it fully automatic, and one of the long guns was modified in that way.
  • Stockpiling weapons and ammunition in one’s home is illegal in California.
  • The guns and ammunition were stored in an illegal manner, accessible to any child.

In light of the strict gun laws, Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy pressed White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest with this question: “Does the president really think that common sense gun laws would deter terrorists now that he has admitted these two may have been terrorists?”

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