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Former Defense Secretary Warns US is Pushing Towards Nuclear Apocalypse

from Sputnik:

The United States is on the brink of a new nuclear arms race that will elevate the risk of nuclear apocalypse to Cold War levels, former Secretary of Defense William Perry warned on Thursday.

Perry, who from 1994 to 1997 served as Pentagon chief under President Bill Clinton, delivered his remarks at an event hosted by the Defense Writers Group

“We’re now at the precipice, maybe I should say the brink, of a new nuclear arms race,” he said. “This arms race will be at least as expensive as the arms race we had during the Cold War, which is a lot of money.”


The Pentagon is starting a major overhaul of its nuclear triad, made up of bomber, submarine and intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) nuclear options. Perry called for the breaking of the triad by dismantling the ICBM stockpile.

ICBMs, he said, “aren’t necessary … they’re not needed. Any reasonable definition of deterrence will not require that third leg.”

In an August assessment, the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments projects that it will cost more than $700 billion over the next 25 years to recapitalize the nuclear triad.

Perry said spending that money is foolish considering the United States is both short of cash for other programs and capable of a robust nuclear deterrence already, Defense News reported.

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5 comments to Former Defense Secretary Warns US is Pushing Towards Nuclear Apocalypse

  • Christine

    Perry has it wrong. The US are in the arms race (again). Bigger, better, badder. And no money except through the drug trade since tax revenue has taken such a dip.

    Russia, China and Iran have a different approach: “Let the US ruin their moribund economy replaying the Cold War and let’s focus on developing weapons capable of disarming them before they cause damages. After all, if the US played that card 30 years ago and it brought Russia to its knees, we, together, will be able to reproduce it and get the same result, if not a better one.”

    We know Russians have the technology. They’ve disabled two US aircraft carriers so far and scrambled Israeli planes to the point of being able to order them: “Shoo, Shoo, little boys!” And Israeli planes did. And we know China scared the s**t out of the US in the sea of China over the islands it’s building, with the same technology. Washington doesn’t want to learn…

    • Millicent

      This occurred a couple of years ago…

      The mighty US Navy was holding “maneuvers” somewhere in the Pacific when a Chicom Sub surfaced right next to one of the Aircraft Carriers. They had no clue that it was there until it surfaced.

      In tune with Biblical “thinking themselves wise, they became fools” statement, the US has become overconfident in the abilities of its military power.

  • Before World War II the actual name for the Department of Defense was The Department of War. Only the name was changed.

  • f16hoser

    Nuclear Apocalypse? I thought that’s what the Obama Regime want’s???

    • anon

      f16hoser +1 (1st Hour: Editor of Intelligence Review Magazine Harley Schlanger comes aboard for a geo-political checkup):

      Caravan To Midnight – Episode 421 University Controlled Demolition of the U.S.

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