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False-Flags Addendum: Coincidence Theorem

by Kevin Scott King, Truthshock:

One method I use to try and ascertain what the truth is from any narrative is what I call the Possible-Probable test. The first question I ask myself; “is what I just heard/read/seen possible?” And at this point my definition of possible is very very broad, in affect I’m willing to stretch to accept that something is possible. I’m trying to keep an open mind, I’m trying to be unbiased and neutral. With an emphasis on ‘trying’. Therefor I am reluctant to use the word impossible, until I am thoroughly convinced it is.

As an extreme example. If you randomly select one person from the world’s population could they run the 100m dash in under 10 seconds? It is possible, but improbable. In fact so improbable, so unlikely, that you could safely answer ‘No’. Now change it to 20 seconds. 30 seconds. The probability changes radically with each 10 second interval. Now let’s take two cases of alleged shooters from Sandy Hook and San Bernardino. Many have claimed that Adam Lanza and Tashfeen Malik were physically incapable (impossible) of carrying out their supposed feats of shooting. I beg to differ. Not impossible. Difficult, hard to move, slow… yes. Improbable? Yes. But realistically possible. If a young malnourished Somali boy can handle an AK-47, I’m confident these two could gear up and handle the weight for the short amount of time they were supposed to have been active. For the record I don’t think either did any shooting. I just disagree with the line of reasoning that it would have been impossible for them to do so. Hence I would not use it when trying to make my case for a false-flag.

So first I judge the possibility, and then I consider the probability. And when we get to probable it then moves to a sliding scale; from highly probable to highly improbable. So once I decide if something is possible, I then decide how probable is it. And as referenced with the 100m dash question above. The probability is so incredibly low of a random person running the 100m dash in under 10 seconds, that you could then safety assume it will not happen from your selection…, and though technically not impossible, for all intents and purposes you could consider it as such.

Of course as just mentioned we can move into such high improbabilities that we then can consider the impossible. The absolute impossible exists. But rarely do we see this, because it can be so quickly dismissed. But what we see time after time after time in false-flag events is a whole bunch of improbable elements, also called ‘coincidences’. And this becomes particularly important as we start to add these different elements together that then create the larger narrative.

As an example. Let us take Flight 77, the Boeing 757-200 that supposedly hit the Pentagon on 9/11.

It is possible that based on the provided flight path that a 757 was able to execute this acknowledged difficult maneuver and fly into the Pentagon?

– possible, improbable

Is it possible that a pilot who could not even fly a single-engine Cessna, with limited time on a real simulator, and no time in a real large body jet fly this maneuver?

– possible, highly improbable

Taking the last question but adding the fact that numerous professional pilots with 1000’s of hours in 757s have stated that the alleged flying feat of Flight 77 would either be a) extremely difficult or b) impossible, do you think Hani Hanjour performed this maneuver.


Now many stop here but we cannot assume that Hani was flying the plane, a more plausible or probable explanation would be remote control.

Is it possible a remote controlled 757 flew the alleged flight path into the Pentagon?

– possible, neutral

Hmm. Ok, well let’s consider a few more pieces of info. There are numerous pilots who when they claim that it was impossible for the 757 to make this maneuver it is because of the reported height of the plane just before it hit the Pentagon. According to some at this very low height a vortex of air is created between the ground and the plane that will pull the plane into the ground. Another consideration is the damage to the wall of the Pentagon where the alleged plane hit, based on the photographs before the wall collapsed. Then we have the issue of having no video feeds of the plane actually hitting the Pentagon, just some still frames that actually show nothing that can be identified as a plane. As well as we have the question of why did the plane not just crash into the top of the Pentagon, instead of performing a very difficult maneuver, crashing into the side opposite the direction it came, and hitting the only section of the Pentagon that had recently been renovated and hardened to resist missiles strikes?

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