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EPIC: Jesse Ventura on Why we Need to Question More

from RT:

With Americans losing “half their money every week,” to taxes, it’s pretty important to make sure the government in charge of allocating those tax dollars is responding and representing the people. But that’s not the case in a system “based upon bribery from top to bottom,” says Navy veteran and former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura.

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1 comment to EPIC: Jesse Ventura on Why we Need to Question More

  • AgShaman

    His anecdote about taking over the office of Minn Guv should be required reading for amerikwans.

    “Plants” are already placed within your zip code.

    The wetworks for the snitch culture has already been built. When dot guv needs to release the ‘Trotskites’ to work their majik….those placed ‘assets’ will seek out the snitches in your neighborhood.

    The Cliff’s Notes for the last chapters of Ayn Rand’s book:

    “When the gubmint becomes the drowning victim….they will feverishly seek out as many willing dupes as possible, to take with them on their trip to the dustbin

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