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Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Everything is Disintegrating

from The Daily Coin:

Below is a conversation that is unlike any that I have heard before. When preparing for interviews Dave Kranzler and I usually go over what we are going to discuss, how to get the show started and how we will hand off the conversation. It’s a good formula that has served us well. We are very, very grateful Dr. Roberts had other ideas.

Our world, as many of you know, is experiencing massive, unprecedented change at an ever increasing pace. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, is not only one of the foremost economist in the world, but he also has one of the world’s most respected voices covering the geopolitical landscape.

The American people are asleep at the wheel. The blame is not totally their’s, but they do bare the brunt of the blame. The mainstream media does not report what is happening within our economy or the geopolitical arena, unless they can spew on and on about the endless rainbows, unicorns and how “America is the greatest and Putin is the devil.” No depth of coverage, nothing of real value reported, so the American people are left ignorant and wanting for truth. When you work 2 or more part time jobs, are struggling with keeping a roof over your head and the kids need new shoes, it becomes a challenge to seek the truth even though you know the “report” Brian Williams just delivered is a fabricated piece of fantasy. There is almost no truth to be found in the American mainstream media.

One of the best ways to understand what is happening today in places like Syria, Ukraine and the Middle East is to take a step back and see what history has shown. Most all situations in the human experience have roots in the past. As Mark Twain said, “History does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” that certainly applies to the ever encroaching American police state, the unfolding war in Syria, Ukraine, and the Middle East. Does that sound like world war or is it just me?

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5 comments to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Everything is Disintegrating

  • _mgd

    Hello, Rory,

    I think the rubrics on Dr Roberts’ interview could be more helpful–sth like Dr Paul Craig Robets Pt 1 Year-end Interview etc.

    And of course, Merry Christmas from Athens (I wish I knew more of my female compatriots–not a good joke–sorry).
    A merry Xmas dear Rory & thanks for all the goods.

  • Christine

    That interview is in 3 parts. Here are 1 and 2. Don’t miss those either.

  • Sam

    Excellent insights given by Dr Roberts…one of the best that he has presented. Highly recommended for those that will appreciate a perspective from a previous insider who has integrity and intelligence beyond reproach of the many freaks cowards liars and thieves polluting the political landscape.

  • Millicent

    Rory: Get yourself a good spell checker for Christmas. It is theirs’ not their’s. Also, look up the word Homonym. One bears burdens and bares their bottom…

    If you want to reach more people then polish up the grammar in your DC posts. Some people still pay attention to these things.

  • Ken Grakauskas

    “If you want to reach more people then polish up the grammar in your DC posts. Some people still pay attention to these things.”

    Only you pay attention, you grammar nazi. Don’t comment on the content, no, find the frigging typos’. All those grammatical “brains” and no common sense.

    And yes, I put a comma in the wrong spot JUST FOR YOU, you Luddite! Careful your hands will get chapped from wringing them so much.

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