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DHS Official Struggles To Answer Basic Security Questions

from Western Journalism:

Ohio Representative Jim Jordan became frustrated by the lack of answers from DHS official, Kelli Burriesci during a House hearing on Thursday, December 11, 2015.

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3 comments to DHS Official Struggles To Answer Basic Security Questions

  • newfynew777

    if i didn’t know better,would say DHS is pretty much a BS gubermint agency,for all intensive purposes..they do though help set up satanic,Illuminati,and/or free masonry child sacrifice rituals such as:
    * the satanic MTV beta kitten Miley Cyrus “ritual”..
    * the satanic Bapomet themed NFL halftime illuminati “ritual”
    * the mock crucifixion child sacrifice “ritual” every Summer in July at the Bohemian Grove forest in California for the World’s wealthiest,elite political homosexual Luciferian’s run around naked,and are serviced by gay male strippers for a week or so..
    but DHS biggest accomplishment to date IMHO is:
    * setting up the largest child mock death sacrifice illuminati ritual in U.S. history,along with help from Ex-Attorney General Eric Holder and Connecticut governor Dannel P. Malloy,in Newtown Ct. at the “empty since 2008” Sandy Hook Elementary School,where the mock death sacrifice of 20 children[and 6 adults] took place on Dec 14,2012,in yet another false flag scripted active shooter “drill” in yet another attempt to get stricter gun control laws passed by Congress,and/or[through executive orders]by our predator drone murdering DICTATOR,POTUS-C.E.O.of U.S.A.Corp.,and so-called “expert” in constitutional law,that doesn’t give a dam about the 1st,2nd,4th,or 5th amendments,Barry Hussein Soterro Oh-bama.
    “NO ONE DIED AT SANDY HOOK” is now available for free in PDF form compliments of N.O.D.A.S.H. book co-editor,and Emeritus Professor at the U. of Minnesota,and host of alternative truth radio talk show,”The Real Deal” ,James Fetzer..
    to download the 429 page book “NODASH” for free,just google “No One Died at Sandy Hook”..

  • Sayldog

    Yep, a “career civil service employee.”
    Wonder what her salary and bonus structure looks like.

  • Larry from Montreal

    “Civil service” seems to have taken on new meaning. I do wonder why they didn’t give her a list of questions to answer before the hearing which I presume is under oath. why aren’t they calling her back? Why aren’t people put in jail immediately for lying under oath? I’m a Canadian, so i wouldn’t know what happens in “the land of the free and the home of the brave”.

    Why is it always some innocent looking woman that they let get away with stupid evasive answers to serious questions? Like Hitlery Clinton?

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