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Democrats Just Stole Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again Hat’ To Use For A Sickening Reason

from Western Journalism:

Donald Trump’s meteoric rise to the top of the Republican party’s race to the White House has gotten the attention of the American people, the media, and the world. In this apparent year of outsider candidates, the conservative voter base has embraced Trump’s anti-political correctness messages, his negative view of the establishment and the mainstream media, and his promise to “make America great again.”

Democrats, liberals, and some Republican candidates for president have lambasted Trump for his so-called outrageous ideas, blunt speech, and plans to bring about the promised greatness. The White House has said he’s unfit for office, Hillary Clinton says he’s a bully, and Jeb Bush says he’s never going to be president if he keeps trying to insult everyone he meets along the way.

Seemingly unfazed by the raucous verbosity Donald Trump possesses, his voter base is growing, holding out hope that their man in Washington will take the White House rather than Democrat Hillary Clinton, when 2017 comes around.

Now, it seems that Trump’s successful “Make America Great Again” campaign is being borrowed by the Democrats for their own purposes. Morphed into a new catchphrase, the Democrats are now proclaiming their own Trump-borrowed campaign phrase of “Make Congress Blue Again.” The slogan purposes to oust the red Republicans and replace them with the blue Democrats.

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