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The Republican Base Turns On Their Latest TRAITOR: Conservatives Think Paul Ryan Stabbed Them In The Back, LOOK How They’re Repaying Him

from Western Journalism:

While the latest Republican debates were going on last Thursday, Paul Ryan and fellow congressmen were busy passing a 1.1 trillion dollar spending bill. Ultimately, the Obama administration and his fellow Democrats got everything they wanted from the bill while Republican gains were minimal. For example, Republican conservatives hoped hoped the Republican majority in the House and Senate would be leveraged to defund Planned Parenthood and put a halt on Obama’s Syrian refugee resettlement plan.

With the passing of the Omnibus bill and it being signed into law, Paul Ryan and the Republicans who supported him, are accused of selling out the American conservative base of constituents that they were sent to Washington to serve.

Ryan’s move to fully fund Obama’s pet projects has even had one of the world’s most famous preachers,Franklin Graham, resigning from being a member of the Republican party and declaring himself Independent. Rush Limbaugh went one step further, calling for the official disbanding of the Republican Party.

For those who were hoping Ryan would stand with the Republican Party and stand on pro-life, fiscally conservative principals, their wishful thinking turned quickly into rage and a firm determination to oust the newly elected speaker of the house.

Anger has turned to action against Ryan. A Facebook campaign that just started called, “Primary Challenge Ryan,” already has over 24,000 followers. The Tea Party is calling for someone to run against Ryan in the primaries.

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