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Clinton Lies About Syria During Democrat Debate

by Kurt Nimmo, Infowars:

During the Democrat debate on Saturday Hillary Clinton blamed Bashar al-Assad for the situation in Syria.

“I think it’s fair to say, Assad has killed, by last count, about 250,000 Syrians. The reason we are in the mess we’re in, that ISIS has the territory it has, is because of Assad,” said Clinton.

She said the rule of al-Assad “creates more terrorists, more extremists by the minute.”

Clinton’s remarks are completely at odds with reality. The terrorists and extremists in Syria are a creation of the United States, the Gulf Emirates and Turkey. The “civil war” in Syria was engineered prior to the so-called Arab Spring.

“Preparations for the ‘Arab Spring’ began not as unrest had already begun, but years before the first ‘fist’ was raised, and within seminar rooms in D.C. and New York, US-funded training facilities in Serbia, and camps held in neighboring countries, not within the Arab World itself,” writes Tony Cartalucci.

Direct evidence of these preparations surfaced in April, 2011 when the AFP ran an article detailing how State Department under Hillary Clinton sponsored “efforts to help activists in Arab and other countries gain access to technology that circumvents government firewalls, secures telephone text and voice messages, and prevents attacks on websites.”

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6 comments to Clinton Lies About Syria During Democrat Debate

  • Eric

    That’s what psychopaths do. They lie about everything!

  • Silverado

    She’s only lying when her lips move otherwise she’s usually talking out her ass. The Donald recently said, “Hillary killed hundreds of thousands of people with her stupidity”. Psychopathic war monger is her job & personality description.

  • KRELL427

    When Bill had the monica problem I remember seeing a bumper sticker that said ” I’d cheat on Hilary too” made me laugh.

  • Rodster

    Hitlery is a psychopath and the bitch is pure evil but then again she should fit right in with the other criminals who have occupied the White House.

  • Christine

    Yep. Her lying about everything has become quite legendary.

    • Sam

      “legendary” is one way to describe the tongue twisted LIAR who should be sitting in prison, not, running for the highest office in the land.

      Judge Jeanine Pirro dissects Hitlery’s latest BeeEss. I consider it a classic at this point…it gets good at about 2:04 and only need listen to a few minutes into it to appreciate the truth vs Hitlery’s BeeEss:

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