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BREAKING NEWS: U.S. Silver Production Plunges

by Steve St. Angelo, SRS Rocco Report:

While the Federal Reserve continues to rig the financial markets by way of its insane interest rate policy, U.S. silver production took a big hit in September.  How big?  Well, let’s just say…. it took me by surprise.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), overall domestic silver production for 2015 has trended lower compared to last year.  However, the recent data for September show a much larger decline.

U.S. silver production for September fell a staggering 20% compared to the same month last year:



As we can see from the chart U.S. silver production fell to 82.6 metric tons (mt) in September compared to 103 mt during the same month last year.  This amounts to a decline of 20.4 metric tons or a 20% plunge versus last year.

This is a large amount if we compare the total decline year to date in 2015 (JAN-SEP) is only 41 mt (5%).  I asked the USGS silver specialist if he thought the September’s production figures would be revised higher in the following months.  He responded by saying, “Probably not.”

Falling silver production is also taking place in several of the top producers in the world:

Mexico = -4% (Jan-Sep)

Chile = -4% (Jan-Aug)

Canada = -23% (Jan-Oct)

Australia = -41% (Jan-Aug)

(data from Canada Dept of Natural Resources, Mexico INEGI & Chilean Copper Commission)

As I have stated in many articles and interviews, PEAK SILVER will occur first in the base metal mining industry where the majority of by-product silver is produced.  According to the data from the 2015 World Silver Survey, 55% of all silver produced in 2014 came as a by-product of zinc, lead and copper production.  Furthermore, 13% came as a by-product of gold mining, while the remaining 31% was from primary silver production.

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43 comments to BREAKING NEWS: U.S. Silver Production Plunges

  • NIX

    I think the bottom is here at least for us Canadian, because you canot buy an onze of silver under $20 Canadian fiat dollar, you see if i would buy today it would cost me around $23 bucks shipping not included.

    • Eric

      Damn! That’s nucking futs. Not even from SD bullion or Provident?

      You’d think the bottom would be in for us too with this retarded 1.15 trillion spending bill and rising interest rates. $20 trillion national debt by next election from what I’m seeing. It’s almost at $19 trillion now. $23 is still dirt cheap in the large scope of things.

    • WillyT

      Hey Nix, you get free shipping from if you buy more than $500.00 worth.

    • carlos

      Crazy thing is the price hasn’t changed much for people who want to buy the phsical metal from commex $19 to commex $14 in canadian dollars. In 2008 i predicted that the commex price of gold would go down to $690-$1032 and silver $8.50 an ounce, but the catch was you could not buy any at those prices and most likely not be able to buy any metal at any where near those prices. Not even at a 500% premium. That prediction based on past trading algorithms. It looks like the past is repeating.It is still easy to buy all the gold and silver you want but at a premium to the imaginary price of $14. The illusion of a falling price is revealed by rising premiums.

  • Millicent

    Pay $23 for something that costs $14… Brilliant!

    • Eric

      The difference is one is Canadian dollars and the other is US dollars.

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      The cost may be $23, but the VALUE is priceless. It will someday be a life-saver and probably be worth more than a THOUSAND FIAT FARTS.

      Cold but true,

      Ask a lone white person in Downtown Ferguson, Mo. on protest night, what is the value of a loaded, concealed weapon? Just because the retail price may have been only $300 for that gun, it’s value can be worth the life of the person holding it.

      Some people rely on faith, and look how well it worked out for Jesus (still got crucified), or Joan or Ark (more like Joan of BBQ), etc. The survivors rely on a well loaded weapon and plenty of ammo.

      Faith will get you killed. Proper prepping, no matter what the up-front costs, will pay HUGE dividends when the faithful sheeple are crying and dieing, the well stocked prepper will later be able to walk over the dead bodies of the faithful idiots and pick them clean of any valuables.

    • Kevin

      Pay $23 worthless fiat toilet paper bucks for something that is being sold for $14 worthless fiat toilet paper bucks, when in reality what you are purchasing has been a store of wealth for 1000’s of years. Hmmm still sounds like a bargain to me.

    • Rdawg

      Price and value are not the same.

      • Eric

        Thank you.

        That merits a lot of repeating until the knuckleheads understand the difference and stop using these words synonymously.

        • Rdawg

          You’re welcome.

          It is quite difficult to break one’s self of the tendency to become despondent over the spot price of PMs, so I get it. But if you bought on the premise of protecting yourself, then those ounces you bought are still there; the ounces don’t know the “price”.

          It will all come down to what you can do with those ounces when and if king dollar gets beheaded. I suspect they will function nicely to feed your family.

          My wife’s family gets quite a kick out of my PM stack; they like to ask what the spot price is, knowing full well the answer. I just smile and say “maybe you’re right”. These people also have no food, water, weapons, cash, or any other emergency supplies. Indeed, my brother in law just bought a custom BMW for $70k, and a tiny house in a suburb of San Francisco for $560k. Hope they’ll be ok.

          • Eric

            That’s insane. San Francisco is the last place I would want to buy real estate. A BMW I could maybe justify but that’s still too much. A new F-150 is much more practical in my world.

            Singapore is looking pretty nice. Lots of english speaking people there too. Tickets are only $600.

            When they ask what the spot price is, ask them “in which debt based slave induced fiat currency they are referring to?”

  • Eric

    How do you acquire sound money (Silver) when there is no more currency? Or no more Silver to purchase? You can always mine it.

    • KRELL427

      But Eric , I think i’m thinking outside the matrix told me with bitcoin all you need is a few more computers and you can mine all day while you are sitting in the local strip joint.

    • Kevin

      What does a bitcoin mine look like?

      • KRELL427

        I was just being sarcastic but they do call it mining bitcoin, coincedence I don’t think so.

        • Kevin

          Sarcasm noted. Bix Wier is on the bitcoin band wagon. Personally I’m considering investing in 1 bitcoin just for shits and giggles.

          • Eric

            Why do that when you can stack 28 ounces of silver instead? Or buy groceries for a week? I have contemplated the same thing for 2 years. I just can’t bring myself to do it knowing full well it still isn’t worth anything.

            Still, it is probably better than holding the USD at this point.

            • Kevin

              @Eric, yeah I think about bitcoin vs silver too, but thinking it would be a way to cover my bases in case Bix is right about this one. If BTC is the ‘currency’ of the future, then may pay off. BTC with metals backing would be interesting.

              • Eric

                They have that too. It’s called BitGold through GoldMoney and James Turk. It looks far superior to me than BitCoin. Especially since there are no physical “coins” related to Bitcoin.

                Bullionstar has free storage through 2016 too.

                I haven’t done either yet. But they are definitely on my radar. Bitcoin isn’t.

                • Kevin

                  Thanks for the tips. Will check out BitGold.

                • Hal

                  Its such a simple concept. People could have secure warehouses/ depositories of any good or commodity wherein the ownership could be instantly transferred electronically. As long as its legitimate, redemption is always available. Due to the properties of precious metals, all of us here understand why PM depositories (banks) would “win out” over anything like a food, oil, paper, water or any other kind of depository….particulary because of the perfect consistency needed with the “product” to operate cooperatively with other depostories worldwide ( not globally :P)

              • Lauren

                Then what happens if there’s an EMP attack or solar flare and all electronics die? Bitcoin wallets likely can’t be accessed.

  • Gnostic

    I can hit KRELL in the bean from 40 mule lengths, knock um out & take his woman, (Actually don’t need to knock him out to get his woman) Any how, try that with bitcoin.

    Heehee, Yippee eye O Kayeah!

  • Holy Willy Shyste. Ive accumulated 11000 shares of First Majestic (AG) the last 2 days .

    Why you ask? Its because I think (guess-hope -pray- BUT MOSTLY TECHNICAL AND FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS SAYS SO.

    And the goal: become like Donald J Trump ! MAKE KELLY MARTIN GREATER THAN EVER BEFORE.

    ps Sean ; when you do your mid-interview rants try not to ‘whine’ in speaking , its sickening , otherwise keep up the great site and Merry Christmas….

    • SGT

      Kelly, I notice you like to criticize the way I conduct my interviews, and since you do so quite regularly, the seriousness with which I take your comments is diminished. But Merry Christmas to you as well.

  • Eric

    Good links Christine.

    I just recently got 2 gold crowns on my molars. Strong as ever. Working great!

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