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Blow Off Event Will Change Financial Universe Forever-Rob Kirby

from Greg Hunter:

Macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby says the U.S. dollar is constantly manipulated by the Treasury.

Kirby contends, “I think we are palpably close to major dislocations in the market. . . . China has been selling U.S. securities on an all-out basis. So, the U.S. Treasury market is weak. So, when the Treasury sees this, it runs counter-intuitive to the strong U.S. dollar which has been a rig job from the get go. . . . The strong dollar and swap spreads trading negative are absolutely in opposition to each other. It exposes that something is tragically wrong, and it is something that doesn’t make sense. It’s like shining light on cockroaches.”

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4 comments to Blow Off Event Will Change Financial Universe Forever-Rob Kirby

  • Rdawg

    Boy, if I had a nickel for every time Greg Hunter asks his guests when/if is going to happen. Gets a bit repetitive after a while.

    • Christine

      I am listening to it now and I was thinking the exact same thing. That guy won’t let go of “And do you think it will happen when? When? When?” That and… “And what will it look like for the retiree with a few bucks or those with stocks and retirement plans?” Asking over and over and over and not satisfied until Kirby finally states: “It will become very bloody.”

      Hunter’s agenda is to spread fear and be able, later on, to say: “I told you so!” How immature! I have yet to hear that guy give sound advice on how to prepare. His stick is to spread fear. Just like Snyder and Hodges.

      Why would anybody so ontently spread fear unless he already knew that, when SHTF, he’ll be all set, probably in some underground bunker with the big boys? And hinestly, I don’t buy his: “I don’t have two nickels to rub together.”

  • rich

    SEC finally wins its case vs Enron’s Jeff Skilling. I kid you not. Archeologists, not detectives.

  • Christine

    Oops. Sorry about the typos. Can’t see most letters on my keyboard (erased). “i” and “o” are gone.

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