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Blackmailing the World

With Global Lies & Savage Deceptions

by Jim Kirwan, Rense:

Double and sometimes triple ‘policies’ are being used in this war, in global-economics and in every aspect of the social ability to contain and reduce the Muslim advance, which has been using sabotage to mask their threats in a ‘religious’ context.

Above all else this must be ended as a threat to the rest of the planet, because without the ability to “TRUST” then the world as we know it: Simply cannot work!

The growing threat is coming directly from the free-wheeling ‘Refugee’s’ and the stealthy parts of some of the Islamic State’s that, if not controlled, can threaten the rest of the world that we must share in, to survive …

The United States is contributing 100,000 troops to add to the 60 some odd nations that are supposedly part of the US coalition, which USI is planning to use to push Russia, Iraq, Iran and the Syrian Army back to the point that they can throw out Assad and then they’ll be free to turn Syria into another rubble to rival Palestine and Libya: This will not happen because this Western Coalition is nothing but a false-front for a few of the West’s faltering military groups being led by NATO which are is at least twenty-years behind Russian military power, in the skies, on and under the seas, as well as on the disputed lands.

With China, Russia, Iran, Iraq, and Hezbollah: The bankrupt and soulless ‘forces’ arrayed against the rising contemporary military forces that have ‘had their way with world’ for the last 70 years without surcease—until after September 30, 2015 when everything changed in this war-torn world: Once Russia declared her legal intentions and then began to “make-it-so”, regardless of whatever the worn-out bullies have decided to try and do: But it’s too little too late, and all of that will be put to the test very soon, because of the breakthrough organized and completed in Homs City that was just freed from Terrorists as of yesterday.

Syrian Government Grants Safe Passage to Rebel Forces Out of Homs City

The Brits are supposedly bringing in some fighter-planes, supposedly to start shooting down Russian Jets, under the guise of “fighting-terrorism”. But the junk they’re flying in is at least thirty years old and is clearly no match for the Russian Air Force: or the S-400’s which apparently the West believes that Russia will not use against them. There might be a real surprise in there somewhere.

Apparently both the American led ‘coalition’ and NATO seem to be banking on what they suspect is a form of cowardice, by Putin, to meet any real threat head on. That would be a very large mistake, and could have unforeseen consequences when and if this worn-out coalition decides to take its’ chances with the Bear and her friends; that have had decades of anger to move their resistance onto center stage. Of course the Russians will field a balanced and intelligent series of strategic moves, that are yet to come.

The ‘West’ thought they had put Putin in a box in Crimea of late, until Russia simply repaired the power lines which Kiev destroyed: So that instead of forcing Russia to attack Ukraine, nothing’s happened except that Ukraine cannot pay its bills, and now Crimea has full power again, just as Russia is filing suit against Ukraine for what they still owe Russia in a world court.

The upshot is that Ukraine is no closer to forcing Russia to invade Ukraine than they were before, and meanwhile the POLITICAL, MILITARY and ECONOMIC hole that Kiev has been digging for itself, just keeps on getting ever-deeper every day. Consequently this ‘cheap-shot’ that was supposed to have opened the door to fighting the U.S. War with Russia directly: Has not only failed but failed miserably.

Then today comes this:

‘The Russians gave the Americans this information and then the Americans used the protected-information to attack those bases that were on the “Syrian-protected list” This too will backfire big-time because this is part two of the shoot-down of the Russian bomber by Turkey, and part 3: Which involves the Syrian Arab Army of December 6, where 3 were killed and over 30 were injured: Which has yet to be answered for…

that’s just my surmise…

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