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Bitcoin Will Never Be Money – It is Feces not Specie

from Junius Maltby:

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23 comments to Bitcoin Will Never Be Money – It is Feces not Specie

  • Cause

    Banks are closed on Sundays. Big deal.

    What do I mean? You suggest if ones power goes out, so Bitcoin suddenly doesn’t exist or have value.

    Make the power go out in the entire world, then you might have a point. But if power goes out over the entire world, I would say we have a bigger problem.

    The reason Bitcoin is money is as you say, it is unique and finite. You can fight that all you want and suggest some governmental conspiracy, but if encryptions don’t work, I would suggest Edward Snowden would be in prison or dead.

    Bitcoin can be used just like gold. All that means it is isn’t going to save us. They can place paper over bitcoin just as they do with gold. I read somewhere that at the Comex, there are hundreds of paper claims to the same real physical gold on hand.

    I suggest they will do the same with Bitcoin.

    May you make it through all that is coming and stand before His Majesty.

    • NaySayer

      Secret digital money that nobody knows who made it and who funded it? No.

      Physically cashless and already been jacked up and crashed once? No.

      Someday there may be a digital “currency” that works, but bitcon isn’t it.
      I suspect it was funded by the CIA and nobody can say otherwise because nobody really knows where it came from or who this mysterious creator is. Darpa anyone?

      This is to capture the hipsters and get them invested in it (like a cult apparently because some of these acolytes get really hysterical when you make reasonable objections to it, anybody who even questions it are the enemy are namecalling ensues).

  • Rob

    I agree Junius
    Never used it never will. Everyone can make their millions on it while I miss out.
    The governments can screw you and yours out of everything in life including your life
    If you don`t hold it.

    You brought up many excellent points,enjoyed listening to your perspective on it.No social sites for me either, can`t vote your video up or down but SGT allows me to comment.

  • thinking outside the matrix

    I know people are tired of hearing me say this but this is very obvious at this point. Bitcoin was created by NSA and the Banking cartel. Central Banks around the world are owned by the Rothschilds (90%+). They are all working in a coordinated effort to debase the currency and usher in a world currency (most likely Bitcoin). In order to make cryptocurrency look like a store of value they will most likely do two things Not allow precious metals to rise in times of distress or not allow people of the West to have access. Most people do not own precious metals and those that do will not trade it in for fiat dollars. So what’s going to happen is Bitcoin is going to rise tremendously and you will watch the herd follow as soon as the talking heads start boosting it up as the new gold. I started investing in precious metals a long time ago but I figured this whole bitcoin thing out a couple years ago and have not put a nickel in precious metals and now I’m mostly in Bitcoin. Banks are building out the whole bitcoin and banking infrastructure as we speak with massive investments. The old system is done. Banks have slowly weened the public off precious metals and if the price doesn’t not rise in times of distress or the public does not have access then gold is done too. If there is a EMP attack that will not affect Bitcoin bc the EMP would have to destroy every single computer that has the blockchain on it around the world and that’s not going to happen bc banks and individuals that have millions in bitcoin have the blockchain in EMP proof/protected materials. The Banks will discredit precious metals. They own the minds of public opinion by way of the media.

  • thinking outside the matrix

  • Rob

    Good luck to you, thinking outside.I respect your opinion also.

    Still not buying it.

  • some guy

    Bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, bitcoin jr, BlytheMastersCoin, …

    Crypto currencies are not finite, not secure, and the vast majority of people have NO idea how they work.

  • Randy

    Your video was very good, Junius! And I too, will stand right beside you in refusing to EVER acquire or use BitCONJOB or any of the other 623 crypto-currencies that you can find listed at BitCONJOB et al, is only some vapor ware with a bunch of electronic blips associated with it that are stored on computers which require lots of electricity to operate. And here is where the rubber REALLY meets the road! When the electric utilities cannot afford to pay their bills to the companies that supply the fuels they run on due to the hyperinflation of the USD (or any of the other fiat paper currencies and electronic bookkeeping entries), the lights will have to go off. When the people cannot afford to pay their electric bills due to being out of work or the hyperinflation of the fiat paper currencies, the lights will have to go off. When the linemen and power plant operators cannot be paid enough bookkeeping entries to buy gasoline to even get to work, let alone pay the high cost of groceries for their family, if any are available for purchasing, they will not come in to work at their very dangerous jobs, and the lights will have to go off.
    So we don’t need any stinking EMP to kill off 95% of the population of Earth, the hyperinflation and then collapse of the fiat paper currency banking system will do it all by itself!!
    Back in 1996, I wrote a paper called What is Money?, which was roundly pooh-poohed by many, but yet it has stood the test of time and everything that I said in that paper has been proven to be 100% correct!


  • fonestar

    EMP is not a valid concern against using Bitcoin. Try harder (assuming your brain permits that…)

    • NaySayer

      Tell me (with verifiable evidence) who funded it, who this “creator” person is and who exactly is behind it and owns the majority of the “coins” or…..whatever it is, some concept without any physicality apparently.

      Now watch as the name calling starts. WHO IS BEHIND THIS? A real crypto currency wouldn’t hide that unless they can’t tell because then nobody would trust it.

  • AgShaman

    I remember when they tracked down the angry Japanese math guy in Cali that was thought to be the Satoshi or whatever (Bitcoin’s father).

    It seems plausible to me. Anybody that does work for dotguv signs non-disclosure agreements. That, coupled with the one-eyebrowed hints and you can understand why there are millions of sell-outs quietly working for the enemy….hoping to not get hydrolyzed with the other soylents in their immediate family.

    That being said, I expected a more volatile roller coaster with PM’s and more opps to gamble on the swings with part of the stack. The Bullion Banks and their fiat masters have done a good job with cancelling the volatility. If I had to do it again, I would’ve grab a stack of Bitcoins when it was at 3 – 5 zombiebucks

  • johny ComeLately

    I’m still on the fence with Bitcoin. Trying to figure it out. An interesting argument a Bitcoin proponent made when I argued Bitcoin did not represent units of economic energy was that it did. He argued that the there will only be 21 million Bitcoins ever mined. The algorithm makes it progressively harder to mine new bitcoins. It takes more and more electricity, faster computers and time to create a new bitcoin as time progresses. The economic energy it takes to run hours of computing power and electricity to create a new bitcoin is the economic store of value the code represents. Similar to the amount of oil, machinery, mining hours ect that goes into producing an ounce of gold and silver.

    I don’t know if we will value a code like gold and silver in the future, but it may be worth betting on? Everyone likes a good tulip mania. What if tulip bulbs would have become universal money?

    • NaySayer

      Prove to me that there will only be “21 million bitcoins ever mined”. Is there a contract that exists which spells out the settlement if there are more created? And don’t use this “mined” word because mining is real activity that takes real effort and has been co-opted by this digital fiat to make it seem more “real”.

      Nobody who has ever had access to the printing press (digital only or otherwise) has ever kept their hands out of the cookie jar. Without a contract with a real entity behind bitcoin which spells out the damages and how they will be paid if more are created I cannot think that this is anything but a trap for suckers.

  • Kevin

    I believe in diversifying investments, and I looked at buying a bitcoin. Here are the problems I ran into:

    What is the best website for buying a bitcoin?

    Where/how you keep it to prevent it from being vaporized or stolen (remember Mt Gox).

    I need to have some tech person show me how to actually acquire one of these things. It’s not like buying an oz of metal from an online dealer.

  • Millicent

    People are being conditioned to accept electronic currency. When hard currency is eliminated then the scale of the manipulation and fraud will fly off of the charts…

  • Fred

    Everyone, this is very simple.

    The issue is not Bitcoin, it is cryptocurrencies and most importantly, the technology (blockchain) that enables it.

    Cryptocurrency is the evolution of money. Humans have used everything from sea shells to animals, then moved up to metals, then fiat paper, and now this. If you don’t think money will evolve like everything else (think book stores, communication, health care, etc.), then you are missing the point.

    If you do a little research on “investment in blockchain technology” and “cryptocurrency” you will discover there have been millions invested in numerous FinTech starts ups lead by industry leaders who are busy developing this. We are witnessing 1993 all over again (when html was released and the Web was created). But this time, its about money.

    Its coming and instead of wondering about it or condemning it, take some time to learn about it and use a little of it. Only then you’ll realize its potential.

  • Rob

    Really nice comments in here tonight.No major knife fights…sweet

  • CalSailX

    Like you like it, and it works you think it will work for you great. However the day may soon arrive that no amount of FRN, or crypto will get anyone to part with a single grain of gold.

    If you can make it pay, and dodge the real world when it arrives. My hat is off to you, big bow… if your just a bit late you might get a bowel of bean soup. I won’t cry for you however have a bowl of soup, and if I listen to those big brass one’s beat against your seat.

    I might just show you were to find gold were few have bothered to look. It’s a shame the “easy gold” is gone… that holds as long as you believe anything more then maybe 40% in the game really knew how to prospect.

    It’s a numbers game… if your going to play with what you’ve found on your prospects hold those cards close to your chest. Please, please learn the law… if your a prospector you aren’t expected to know the law! Consider it a personal favor if you disappoint them in court!

    Personally I’m really beginning to love contract law… because once you understand all of what “THAT ENTAILS”… you might love it as much as I do!

    • CalSailX

      If you find your self in court you really want to be the plaintive, they committed unlawful acts against me… Your honor they violated our contract and bye god it’s up to you to make this right!

      Oh… and it’s all notarized bearing my signature. Someone is going to make me Whole… right… square… don’t give less then a shit what you call it. We’ll have rule of law, or just admit we have rule by the very best of those that would enslave us!

      Their have to hate men like me can’t blame them, and that’s alright I hate them right the hell back. The difference between me, and them is I want to know to know why from their own lips? I’m fairly good at understanding what a man thinks he believes, and that hard place in his heart he’d damned well better keep for himself!

      However to our en-slavers… don’t forget to duck! One mistake and depending on the results you might be out of the gene pool as we understand it. Love you all… big kisses… hope you pull your head out of your ass!

    • And the next day the U. S. Government will start confiscating P.M’s from the prepared citizens ! Easy picken’s for the well prepared ?

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