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Bernie Campaign Under Attack After Accusing Hillary of “Encouraging Islamic Extremism”

by Jeremiah Johnson, SHTFPlan:

Perhaps now we know what was behind the timing of the most recent scandal for Bernie Sanders – concerning improper access to a Democratic database by members of staff.

Ahead of the Democratic debates coming up this Saturday, it seems that Sen. Sanders is now planning to take Hillary to the woodshed over all the destruction and mayhem that she caused during her stint as Secretary of State.

The Madam Secretary was a driving force in the overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya and the attempt to oust Assad in Syria, as well as many of the Arab Spring events including Egypt. Hillary’s Department of State was also instrumental in fueling the rise of “rebel groups” opposing these regimes who proved to be anything but “moderate” and instead, led have overlapped with ISIS and other terrorist organizations now plaguing the region.

Bernie Sanders has now accused Hillary over her role in the rise of ISIS, and intends to point out her dangerous and disqualifying flaws in the course of his campaign.

The London Guardian reports:

Bernie Sanders has accused Hillary Clinton of encouraging Islamic extremism in Libya, in a prelude to a Democratic debate on Saturday during which he is expected to go on the attack for the first time over the unintended consequences of the former secretary of state’s more interventionist foreign policy.

[T]he senator from Vermont criticised Clinton for carelessly fomenting regime change in Libya “without worrying” about the ensuing instability that has helped Islamic State forces take hold in the country.

“Regime change without worrying about what happens the day after you get rid of the dictator does not make a lot of sense,” Sanders said.

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2 comments to Bernie Campaign Under Attack After Accusing Hillary of “Encouraging Islamic Extremism”

  • partisan propaganda = false dichotomies = divide and conquer = hilary and bernie are part of the same team (so is Bush and Trump and Carson and everyone asking you to give them power to manage YOUR life) = They’ve been doing this since at least ancient Egypt = this has no actual information = this is not news = fear porn = most SHTF and Commonsense “news” stories

  • Rodster

    Hitlery is a psychopath. The bitch is pure evil.

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