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Bankers re-focus on stealing Indian “temple” gold

by Jeff Nielson Bullion Bulls:

I have to admit, when the One Bank and India’s new, corrupt government first announced their “gold deposit scheme” (gold-theft scam), I really didn’t think I was going to enjoy watching it unfold. Of course at the time I was deceived by the massive amount of hype from the mainstream media that there was considerable enthusiasm among India’s population to give away their cherished gold.

Silly me!

As has already been reported, during the first two weeks of this “operation”, the Thieves managed to net a grand total of just under 1 lb of gold. Now we get an update. With the scam a full month old; India’s government has now stolen a grand total of about 2 lbs of gold. As the Thieves have already stated; their goal is to steal as much of the 20,000 TONS of gold being hoarded in India as they can.

Now the math. At the current rate-of-theft, how long will it take the One Bank/India’s government to steal all the gold in India? Literallymore than a million years.

:laugh: :laugh:

Wile E. Coyote strikes again! But wait…old Wile E. has a new plan, dare I say “a cunning plan”?

The One Bank and India’s government have already seen how ordinary Indians have no desire to hand over their gold to a pack of salivating Thieves. So, instead, the Thieves have announced that they now plan to target the thousands of tons of gold hoarded by India’s temples.

The thinking here is obvious. India’s “temple leaders” don’t OWN the gold of India’s temples. Rather, they hold it as trustees, on behalf of the temples. Thus, in the minds of the Thieves, it will be easier to con temple leaders (and the temples) out of that gold, because it won’t be coming out of their own pockets. Then, once they have stolen substantial quantities of temple-gold, they will proclaim to the masses, “Look! Your religious leaders are giving away their gold. You should follow their example.”

Will it work? Some will say that Wile E. Coyote’s track-record speaks for itself…

How India Evaded The One Bank’s Gold-Embargo

It should also be pointed out that when the scheme/scam was originally announced that the temples were supposed to be among the first Victims — i.e. they were already targeted. This seems to indicate that the Thieves have already tried-and-failed once to con the temples out of their gold, as we see with these earlier pieces back in April.

India’s gold deposit scheme targets temple gold
India’s Gold Market Becoming ‘Westernized’ (Fraudulent)?

Can they succeed a second time? Clearly the Thieves don’t plan on simply “asking” again for India’s temple leaders to give away India’s religious gold. Rather, when desperation sets in, the One Bank typically resorts to more-draconian, brute-force methods of “persuasion” : extortion, or even violence.

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  • d

    the spirit of Ghanhi, will instill in the ordinary Indians the axe to eliminate the liars and thieves that want to steal this nations wealth….and it will bea well deserved cleansing….imho

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