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Attaining Food in Urban Locations

from Survival Blog:

If it has hair, feathers, or scales, it is edible. In the desperate times that lay ahead, people are going to have to make a choice. They’ll either become self-sufficient and revert back to the practices of our ancestors (the hunter/gatherers) or stand there with their hand out and wait for something that isn’t coming. You need to learn how to keep your body nourished and feed the ones you love. The truth is there are food sources everywhere around us that are easily obtainable with a little patience and technical know-how. However, many people in this country have become lazy, and the thought of catching something themselves and eating it is considered taboo or distasteful. Many people have become so dependent on the system to provide them food that they have no idea how to acquire it for themselves. Whether it is food and water, clothing, houses, or phones, you name it, someone with their hand out is getting it at the expense of the American tax payer. Eventually this will come to a grinding halt. When the lazy ones, as I call them, stop getting their free stuff and shelves are empty at the stores, they will not know what to do. They will not know how to acquire food and will start looting every chance they get. They will soon discover their tangibles no longer have any value, and they will be left to starve; and starve they will. Hopefully you won’t.

My uncle was in the 101st and 82nd airborne divisions in the U.S. Army. He did three tours in Vietnam, was shot four times, blinded in one eye, and had his throat cut ear to ear and yet lived. On his last tour he was the only one in his group to make it back still breathing. I spent most of my childhood with him, camping, hunting, and fishing. We camped on islands in the Marcasis, south of the Florida Keys, down in the everglades, on cypress heads in the swamps, and even in some protected wildlife areas where we weren’t supposed to be. We never took food with us, only the means to obtain it and some very basic survival gear. These trips made me appreciate nature and taught me how to live off the land. They gave me a sense of empowerment that I hope to convey to you in the following paragraphs below. With that said, I want to be straight here. If you are someone who won’t even try certain things because of the way it looks and can’t think outside the box, then don’t waste your time reading this; it won’t be useful to you. Some of the food sources mentioned here may not be one’s first choice, but in a worst case scenario drastic times require drastic measures and could mean the difference between starving to death and staying alive. If you want to live and even thrive on all of the food sources that are out there, then stay with me. I will share with you the skills that will help you keep food on your table and have an edge that most people know nothing about.

Most of us realize that the time bomb is fast approaching. Our economic system is manipulated, the nation’s debt is overwhelming, our mainstream media is suppressed, and political corruption is rampant among our leaders. If history has shown us anything, it is that broken systems are unsustainable and a major change is imminent. Unfortunately no one knows what will be the tipping point or when this event will take place, but be assured it is coming. For some individuals it will be hard, but for many others it will be catastrophic.

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  • Sayldog

    Brings to mind a previous post dealing with unusual preps. Among my data files are recipes for animals not usually hunted for food such as woodchuck, crow, racoon, opossum etc. I know that if properly dressed and cooked at least parts of these animals may be delicious, especially if you are starving. Can’t say for sure that I’ve found anything on eating skunks, but that is an animal that is fairly common in urban areas. I’m sure rats must be around too, but fortunately I don’t come across them. Looking forward to the further parts of this article. Also any recipes posted in this comments section would be appreciated. Haven’t found any for worms, grubs, katydids etc either.

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