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Another Big Contrived Event is Coming — BILL HOLTER


Bill Holter from joins me to slice and dice the mainstream lies about as well as anyone can. And Bill says before the next economic collapse there will be yet another big 9/11 style event. As we near Christmas, may God bless you and your family. Prepare.

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45 comments to Another Big Contrived Event is Coming — BILL HOLTER

  • Loquito

    It’s always great to hear from Bill!!

    I agree with him on a false flag event coming up. The USA or the elite, I should say, is in really tight corner. With no room to hide.

    Thanks Sean

  • KRELL427

    Really like these late Sunday night interviews. Just ran out of all the Caravan’s,Rense and V the Guerilla economist latest stuff and out of no where a Bill Holter interview on SGT. Really hope Bill and Jim make it to Toronto. Jim had Bo Polny with him last time for 4 hours of insight and questions . I think the elites are building up to mother of all false flag attacks. With all the refugees pouring into the countries they are with no way of knowing who is who the infrastructure is being put in place right before our eyes.These physcopath’s leaders are capable of stooping to to any level imagineable to pull off their agenda.Especially when this fiat ponzi schemeis nearing its end.Enjoy every day as if its your last.

  • I think all of us that follow the economic/ geopolitical events know they’re leading up to a major 911 type event, and then to war. Watching CNN, its all so predictable, like watching a bad script in a B movie. The things that are being said, and how the sheeple are being led to their own slaughter. I feel embarrassed to be an American, a human for that matter. And we’re the intelligent species?

    Our saving grace will be spreading of truth through the internet. There has got to be a way to inform the sheeple, reaching that critical mass, exposing the shadow criminal elements to the light of day. This is a poem I wrote many years ago that describes how I feel.

    Imagine a world

    Imagine a world without war. A world of love and compassion between people and nations, lifting each other to new heights not yet dreamed of.

    Imagine a world without our belated fossil fuel to fight over. A world investing in technology, philosophy, health and the well being of our children. Our children, that will deliver us to horizons not yet dreamed of.

    Imagine a world where thoughts are not weapons. A world where thoughts are seeds of love, harmony and tolerance. Seeds that are planted in the hearts of every being to blossom into a world not yet dreamed of.

    Imagine a world

    • Eric

      Why would the bitcoin founder be buying gold when fonestar and co. keeps telling us that bitcoin is the “new gold?”

      Hmmm. It would seem as if gold trumps bitcoin.

    • NoBitCOIN

      RE: Bitcoin.

      How the hell can you guys not know about the TRANSACTION FEE that is required for all Bitcoin transactions ?
      You people who speak about Bitcoin: Have you actually ever used it?

      Ask yourself this question:


      BITCOIN is a creation of NSA !
      Don’t ever use it. The concept is good, but not this current flavour of implementation.
      Remember we are beseiged at every front.
      We are lied to at every level.

        • Millicent

          Of course, Eric knows everything except when to keep his mouth shut…

        • Christine

          I still don’t understand it. I won’t touch it with a 20′ pole. Last time I touched something I didn’t understand and overlooked the butterflies I felt deep down in my guts, I ended up having to sue the hell out of a bank for threatening to take away the roof over my head. I did win but it stole my life, my peace of mind, my joy, my stability, my vision for a/the future and destroyed all my trust in any institution.

          If I can’t hold it in my hands, I need a computer to track it down and no one can explain it to me in terms that make sense, I wan’t no part of it. Out of curiosity though, I’d still like to get one explanation I can grasp. Just because I personally do not like to feel as though, somewhere, I am impaired…

        • KRELL427

          Bitcoin did its job, diverted 6.5 billion dollars away from precious metals. Charles Ponzi Would be impressed.

  • Mike from the North

    Bill has it right.

    We are LIKELY poised for a major World Event that will be used as either an excuse or a scapegoat from is coming.

    Never in my 63 years have I ever seen so many thunder storms brewing ALL AT ONCE.

    All that needs to be known now is how many of these Storms will converge to create the Hurricane of the Century.

    Whether this Hurricane materializes not in question… The question is ARE WE PREPARED.

    • Ed_B

      “The question is ARE WE PREPARED.”

      That’s a great question, Mike, but I’m not sure it has an answer. Prepping seems to me to be a way of life. It is the journey and not the destination. The more most of is prep, the more we find that we need to do, do differently, do more, or do better. I am WAY more prepared than many of our fellow Americans but not anywhere near where I should be. It’s a daunting but necessary task. So, in answer to “Am I prepared?”, I say “Somewhat”… but I am adding to my supplies all the time.

      Anyone wanting to know how not prepared they are can just shut off their electric power and nat gas (if they have that) for a few days. All sorts of things will then become obvious as to their state of readiness for even a short SHTF. The BIG questions will be: 1) can I make useful light?; 2) can I heat at least a couple of rooms in my house?; 3) can I prepare food for my family and any friends who need some help?; 4) do I have the meds and medical supplies that my family needs?; 5) do I have enough water for drinking and washing and a plan to get and purify more water?; and 6) can I protect my family and what I have stacked? While these kinds of questions could go on all night, you get the idea because you’ve probably asked yourself these and 100 or more other questions along these same lines.

      Prepping… it’s a lifestyle process and not an event or an item.

  • rl

    This has become a complete joke and a farce from the outset of the lala land putin love.
    Suck it up… because your savior who has done everything inline with the central banks all the way to climate con is on the way for what is only infighting amongst crooks and psychos vying for your demise. Thanks Sean, its about time that such plain nonsene and cognitive dissonance was spoken and some if only a few will have to finally think for themselves if they are able to heed that little voice inside that says, wtf was that, rather then be lead around by the nose. Because all everyone wants is the truth without the bullshit to sort through while to get it one has to endlessly deal with the do gooders and ‘truthers’ that have been had or endlessly deal in troll scroll…
    “We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth…
    For my part, I am willing to know the whole truth;
    to know the worst; and to provide for it.”
    From Max Egan’s latest that flashed across these pages that spelled it out better than any of this ever will. But of course he comes from a different place and motivation for what he does and has spent much more time in reality, with recent bruises to prove it.

  • Mike from the North

    Chances are the plan this week by the Plunge Protection Team will be ….keep market numbers at minimum NEUTRAL. Attack Gold and silver so it does not look as an ALTERNATIVE.

    IE: more of the same.

    This will only work until it no longer works and I can wait out their PONZI

  • Sam

    Is something being planned here?:

    e have signed an agreement with RWE npower that will see one of their disused power stations being used to host the capital’s largest ever multi-agency training exercise.

    Exercise Unified Response, which has been a year in the planning, is a large scale and complex exercise that will be held at Littlebrook Power Station, near Dartford in Kent, between 29th February and 3rd March 2016.

    The 1,140 MW oil-fired station which closed on 31 March 2015, will be transformed into the scene of a significant building collapse, involving a train station and resulting in mass casualties

  • BRF

    Excellent post by B.H. and he certainly looks the Texan cowpoke. If Bill is right about the size of the up coming F.F. then my guess is that the story line will be Russia aiding and abetting an ISIL attack within America on some national icon or military base…..just sayin’

    • Ed_B

      “… my guess is that the story line will be Russia aiding and abetting an ISIL attack within America on some national icon or military base…”

      Not a bad guess at all. My sense is that it would not be a military base. It has to be something that really grabs attention and nothing like shedding innocent blood does that. My guess would be a chemical attack in NYC on 12/31/15 at midnight east coast time… that or maybe the Super Bowl at half-time. If tens of thousands of innocent people could be sacrificed on the alter of elite extremism and the blame placed elsewhere, that would be their best bet as an evil plan, IMO.

  • Dissolution

    I think Bill is right. Ya know, when Turkey shot down that plane, I immediately said that it came far too soon after the Fed’s emergency “closed-door” meeting, and was likely sanctioned as a way to get them out of the shitstorm they are brewing (or deflect blame, anyway). I said it’s just gonna keep coming now.

    Well, Russia maintained remarkable discipline and didn’t take the bait. So it seems they turned their sights inward to the US, at San Bernardino. And I agree, there is still time left for them to ignite more havoc.

  • AL

    Question -if fort knox is part of this major financial crime, via missing gold / tungsten substitution, then one has to ask how do these criminals plan to cover their trail? Vaporise the facility? If it remains in place, then so does the evidence of their crime. Will they take it out to cover this theft up. They did it in 911.

  • knowtoomuch

    Re-posting some GOOD shit :

    And DON’T forget to read the comments please ..!

  • Millicent

    Kerry’s Moscow Meeting: A Hopeful Sign?

    You will note that it was Kerry who went to Moscow and not Moscow coming to America…

  • knowtoomuch

    4 pages of TRUTH :

    Though the word “jew”(-bankster) didn’t made in the article.

    Too bad for the author.

    Trying to explain modern society / financial system is like trying to explain how cars run without opening the hood.

    That’s right :

    Mission impossible.

  • knowtoomuch

    Again : Re-posting some GOOD SGT shit :

    My first link didn’t work.

    So THIS one will do the job I guess.

  • Christine

    I really don’t know it all of that matters so much…

    Interesting study about what really takes place during pole reversal. That might explain why no one on earth appears to know what he is doing. It would seem to me that the whole shebang is a distraction from what truly is going on and it has nothing to do with us either.

  • Christine

    And more of a twilight zone… I’ll stick with what makes sense.

    “Look at it this way. The banking system as a whole does not need to borrow as it is sitting on $2.42 trillion in excess reserves. The negative impact of the “rate hike” affects only smaller banks that are lending to businesses and consumers. If these banks find themselves fully loaned up and in need of overnight reserves to meet their reserve requirements, they will need to borrow from a bank with excess reserves. Thus, the rate hike has the effect of making smaller banks pay higher interest expense to the mega-banks favored by the Federal Reserve.

    A different way of putting it is that the “rate hike” favors banks sitting on excess reserves over banks who are lending to businesses and consumers in their community.

    In other words, the rate hike just facilitates more looting by the One Percent.”

    • KRELL427

      Your forgetting about the 1,500 trillion dollars in interest rate sensitive derivatives that dwarfs the roughly 60 trillion in world GDP.There is no way possible of covering the losses. The banks are already insolvent if not for their criminal accounting practices. Only they know the size of their derivatives positions.If they are leveraged for eg 10x a .25 rate increase would be 2.5 rate increase to the derivatives.

  • Christine

    Which actually makes NOT ONE iota of difference, apparently… When the American military pretends to play dumb, it is actually completely imbecilic. And dangerous for 7 billion humans. And it likes it that way and absolutely doesn’t care.

    “Since mid-2014 the Pentagon has run all manner of war games — as many as 16 times, under different scenarios — pitting NATO against Russia. All scenarios were favorable to NATO. All simulations yielded the same victor: Russia.

    And that’s why Erdogan’s erratic behavior actually terrifies quite a few real players from Washington to Brussels.”

  • Millicent

    Turkey is the West’s client state and nexus for all illegal and covert activities in the ME region, Erdogan is a highly paid lackey who does whatever he is told.

    Putin told Kerry: “if you keep screwing around we are going to destroy Turkey.”
    That got their attention… Most all of the Western narcotics trade flows through Turkey and that is the main source of revenue for their off budget operations.

    Richard Nixon quote on Fidel Castro: “Castro doesn’t go to the toilet unless Brezhnev puts the Nickle in the door.”

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