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Anonymous Nonsense

from The Daily Bell:

Anonymous war on Isis: Online activists claim to have foiled terror attack on Italy as part of ‘Operation Isis’ … Supporters of Anonymous have been working to shut down Twitter accounts and websites, but claims to have now disrupted attacks in the real world too. – UK Independent

Dominant Social Theme: Anonymous is full of modern day heroes.

Free-Market Analysis: Do we believe it? Do we really believe that a group of adolescents have formed themselves into a quasi-military worldwide unit to do the “dirty work” Uncle Sam doesn’t have the competence or willingness to do? What warriors these kids must be. Stubbled with acne, they roll out of bed in their parents’ basements and get to work attacking US enemies across the continents. They watch CNN and FOX with the earnest concentration of acolytes and then without a spoken word coordinate their deadly cyberattacks with each other and with the CIA.

It really reads like a Hollywood movie, doesn’t it? Isn’t there a script here just waiting to pop out? It could be written, directed and produced by Kathryn Bigelow who already has a track-record cooperating with the CIA via her famous movie “Zero Dark Thirty” that showed clearly how effective torture was in extracting terrorism’s deepest secrets. The only trouble is that it wasn’t true.

Torture did not extract the whereabouts of Bin Laden. The SEALS likely did not kill Bin Laden – mainly because Bin Laden had probably died more than a decade before in a French hospital where he was receiving dialysis for Marfan Syndrome. Maybe he trekked around Afghanistan with a portable dialysis machine, but maybe he didn’t.

These Anonymous reports are highly doubtful, too. There is, for instance, this Huffington Post report circa 2013:

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2 comments to Anonymous Nonsense

  • Sayldog

    “What warriors these kids must be. Stubbled with acne, they roll out of bed in their parents’ basements…”

    This reminds me of the MSM descriptions of Edward Snowden, repeatedly painting him as an idiot “High School Dropout.”

    Yep, he is a real Einstein.

  • Deforest

    I started to have doubts about Anonymous when their actions triggered everybody else but the USA.

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