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An Internet Tax?

from Outsider Club:

It looks like Congress has finally done something right.

It almost feels like a trick.

But it’s not.

Rather than impose yet another sneaky, painful, costly, and ultimately, unnecessary tax, Congress is protecting us from one.

Indeed, the Internet Tax Freedom Act is on its way to becoming permanent. For 17 years, this legislation has protected Americans from paying any state or local taxes on their Internet access.

When it first passed, it was just for three years, but it’s been routinely extended. Though it was set to expire once more this month, a law making the tax break permanent is poised to pass Congress.

This is thanks largely to the efforts of Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), but couldn’t have been achieved without Republican support.

Bipartisan commonsense legislation? I haven’t been this excited since Democrats and Republicans came together to ensure that television commericals couldn’t be much louder than the show you’re watching.

Of course, we don’t want to give Congress too much credit. Because even when lawmakers on Capitol Hill do the right thing, it’s usually for the wrong reason. Often that reason is tied to campaign donations, and Alphabet (aka Google) has donated more than $35,000 to Wyden and his super PAC.

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