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AHEAD: HYPERINFLATION in the U.S. | Jerry Robinson

from FinanceandLiberty:

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3 comments to AHEAD: HYPERINFLATION in the U.S. | Jerry Robinson

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    They only have ONE bullet in their gun (The FED), “Print Money”.

    The BULLET analogy is very good, and just like an ADDICT with a gun, they will also point that gun at YOU to ROB you, kill you.

    And the addict will also, someday, point the gun at their OWN HEAD and commit suicide (deliberately BLOW UP the system.)

    When it is time for them to create a big crisis to install a NEW plan to take more power and steal more wealth, they’ll “suicide” the old system.

    Keep stacking. Get your Amish on and grow your own food.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I noticed this “adviser” is still partly STUCK in the same old krappolla.

    He said they have a “savings strategy”, and he and his wife put 1/3 into liquid savings, cash/dollars, etc, and then the next 1/3 into “stable foreign CURRENCIES”, and the last 1/3 into gold and silver.

    DUH. Excuse me, but GOLD AND SILVER (in your hands) has GOT to be the TOP priority (along with a hugely stocked FOOD pantry being ahead of the gold and silver stacking.)

    Putting ANY of your wealth into ANY FIATS on earth, or trusting the Joowish Stock, bond, ETF markets to protect your wealth for you, is asking for the proctologist to use a Chain saw on your rear end.

    Other than that, it was a pretty good interview.

  • petedivine

    If you go to to the first thing you see is a list of high income high yield junk bonds. I assume this is to create additional income streams with your investment dollars. I’m no financial planner, but aren’t these bond funds having issues redeeming their client shares? Aren’t they exposed to the shale oil and gas blow ups? I recall reading about several bonds that had gated their clients money. anyway..buyer beware.

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