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from Max Igan, xBLACKxOPSxSECRETSx:

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4 comments to A STORM IS COMING – Max Igan

  • wauhoo

    Australian version of Michael Rivero! Never heard him before. Wonderful monologue. Listen and send it around.

  • jerry

    A day off is a great ideal but I think a week would shake the system to the core everyone stay home a week

  • Deforest

    Pick the days and I will follow. I owe it to the children of the world. I am fed up that my government kills people in my name, I am fed up that real criminals in our governments get away with crimes, I want my freedom back. It’s time to fight I agree. Pick your days I will follow.

  • KRELL427

    A couple of Isrealies beat the crap out of him after delivering pro Palestine speach about a month ago. Smart guy who reports what’s really going on.Still doing videos with broken ribs and all.Max is a tough cookie. He also snuck into Gaza a couple of years ago through a underground tunnel network to see first hand what was going on.

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