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A Round-up About Monsanto’s GMOs

by Catherine J. Frompovich, Activist Post:

The format of this article is very different from how I usually write. However, I think it will become something consumers will save, if not forward to family and friends. It seems as if we are reaching a “tipping point” regarding the non-acceptance of GMOs, since close to 90 percent of consumers, the food-buying and eating public, wants GMO labeling. The information below will help you understand why GMO labeling is vitally important to truth in advertising, informed consent, free choice, and your health. Please consider this a Christmas gift to you, my readers. Merry Christmas!

Real Farmacy article “The Complete History of Monsanto, “The World’s Most Evil Corporation”

The World Health Organization’s IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) declares glyphosate—the major component in Monsanto’s Roundup®, a Group 2A probable carcinogen to humans. 20 March 2015

According to Ronnie Cummins, National Director of the Organic Consumers Association, “your tax dollars—$20 billion a year—are being used to subsidize the chemical, factory farm and GMO producers who degenerate soils, pollute waterways, generate tons of greenhouse gas emissions, and grow “commodities” (not food) for use in ethanol products and factory farms.” [OCA email 12-22-15]

Deutsche Welle article “Independent scientists warn over Monsanto herbicide”

Care 2 article “5 Things Monsanto Doesn’t Want You to Know About the GMO Labeling Debate”

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