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7 Examples of Demonising Dissention and Public Opinion

from Zen Gardner:

As the Western world powers that be tighten their tyrannical controlling noose on humanity dissention and public opinion has never been so important: -As consistent with the quote from Orwell‘s novel 1984

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

To countermeasure this much-needed dissention and public opinion to raise awareness and free humanity the powers that be have taken a severe stance on punishing those who oppose their views regardless of truth or untruth to advance an oppressive agenda.

So, in response, during these times of universal deceit and oppression, here are 7 examples of unjustly demonising dissention and public opinion.

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1. Medical dissention and the AMA’s gagging orders

To get an even larger slice of the medical monopoly the highly influential AMA (American Medical Association) a wing of the medical/pharmaceutical establishment has announced plans to put in gag orders designed to control and prevent doctors from speaking out publically on ‘dubious alternative medical practices.’  Should doctors go outside of the AMA’s guidelines then they could face having their licenses revoked while being unjustly accused of quackery…

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1 comment to 7 Examples of Demonising Dissention and Public Opinion

  • Sayldog

    Speaking of demonizing dissension, did I really just have a comment I posted to one of Bill Still’s YouTube videos purged? Appears so. It was there over the weekend and now…not. I didn’t even know it was possible to remove select comments. I wasn’t hateful or obnoxious, merely expressed my opinion that somewhat countered Bill’s (ie. the Trump/Putin reset and labeling Obama a Muslim). I’m not sure what to think about this. Anybody have any insight? I’ll be marking this to notify me. Thanks all and thanks SGT Report for allowing all their say.

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