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5 Mistakes Every New Prepper Makes

by JD, SHTFPlan:

Even though newbie preppers have the best intentions, they often make these 5 common mistakes.

1) Not practicing survival techniques!

Seriously, how many “preppers” do you know that just buy survival gear to impress their friends! Just buying stuff, watching videos and reading articles will get you nowhere.

You actually have to practice survival techniques if you want to be efficient in an emergency or SHTF Situation. Survival must become second nature to you. Once a disaster strikes, you won’t have the time and the luxury of logging onto the internet and looking up videos that demonstrate how to deal with your specific situation.

You have to practice it all beforehand so that muscle memory kicks in and you do not have a panic attack!

For example: Say you fell into a lake or a river, you are fighting hard to stay afloat. You are breathing hard and adrenaline is pumping through your body. At this specific moment, you probably WON’T remember that you can create a makeshift float by tying the ends of your trousers and filling it up with air.

Even if you do remember, you will struggle to get the trousers off quickly since it will be the first time that you are doing it underwater.

Hence, you have to practice this technique until you do it without thinking.

The same applies to first aid, starting fires, signalling, fishing, gathering food etc.

  • You have to practice making a fire in unfavorable conditions
  • You must know how to deal with snake and insect bites
  • You must be prepared to deal with a confrontation with a bear or a mountain lion
  • You must know all the different types of knots as well as you know the alphabet
  • You should be able to provide artificial respiration to a person in need (hey, learning this can be quite fun!)
  • You should know how to read a map and compass in case your GPS fails.

Just having a vague idea is not enough – you must be confident enough to take decisive action.

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