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Add 2 More Attacks To The List As The Year End Explosion Of Islamic Terror Continues

[Ed. Note: We like Mr. Snyder and post all of his work, but honestly this headline is terrible. In fact, it appears that the “official” version of these events fit Mr. Snyder’s world view, so his article only reflects the “official” stories. Given that the Paris and the San Bernardino “events” appear to be intelligence agency psyops, that fact ought to be mentioned here. Mr. Snyder, please watch this: San Bernardino Psyop Fully Exposed. ~SGT]

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

Doesn’t it seem like there is another Islamic terror attack somewhere in the world almost every day now?  Today, there was a throat slashing at a subway station in London, and three female suicide bombers carried out a devastating attack in Chad that killed at least 27 and injured at least 90.  Inspired by the success of ISIS, radical Islamists all over the planet are rising up and striking vulnerable targets.  According to Wikipedia, there have been dozens of terror attacks worldwide so far this year, and the recent attacks in Paris and San Bernardino were some of the biggest news stories of 2015.  Unfortunately, I believe that this is just the beginning.  I am fully convinced that the seeds of terror that have been planted up until now will produce an increasingly bitter harvest as we head into 2016 and beyond.

The throat slashing that just happened in London is another in a series of seemingly random attacks that is creating fear all over Europe right now.  Reportedly, the attacker yelled “this is for Syria” as he struck at his victim…

A man was stabbed in the ticket hall at Leytonstone station this evening by another man who witnesses say shouted “This is for Syria” as he slashed his throat.

Another three are thought to have been injured.

The Met Police said its counter-terrorism command unit is now investigating the incident.

Police said they used a taser on the suspect as he threatened others with a knife, before they managed to arrest him.

An alternate account of this attack in the Guardian sounds even more gruesome…

One person, who claims to have witnessed the attack, took to social media to reveal details of the horror. Laurynas Godvisa said: “So as I was going to Leytonstone station was dressed to go to Christmas dinner with people from work.

“As I walked down I just saw a lot of people running but I ignored it and kept walking to get my train, but suddenly what I saw I couldn’t believe my eyes and what I saw was I guy with a knife and a dead guy on the floor.

“I was so scared I ran for my life. After good 10-15 police came and got the guy and arrested him.

“And as he was coming out this is what he said: ‘This is what happens when you **** with mother Syria all of your blood will be spilled.’”

On a daily basis, we all rely on the fact that the people we encounter in public are not going to try to kill us.

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2 comments to Add 2 More Attacks To The List As The Year End Explosion Of Islamic Terror Continues

  • susan

    Why do you post all of his work?

    He has been proven to be wrong time and time again, and if you look at his website, you’ll see he has an agenda.

    I know people who are avoiding your website because of his and Bo Polny’s and Moses’ constant posts.

    Please be more discerning and less islamaphobic,

    thank you

  • Silver Shield

    Another Zionist fear monger distracting the masses into yet another unjust racist war.
    Onward Christian soldiers…

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