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25 Ways to Give the Gift of Preparedness

by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

In a world that is becoming increasingly more dangerous, why don’t you start some new holiday traditions this year to take care of the ones you love? The gift of preparedness will be valuable well after the Christmas lights are taken down. In fact, some gentle nudges now might just save someone’s life later.

Even if your friends and family aren’t on board with preparedness, many of these gifts will be welcomed as thoughtful and useful. It’s all about HOW you give the gift – you don’t want to shove your prepping lifestyle down anyone’s throat. Figure out what aspect of preparedness is most likely to be acceptable to a person you hope to convert and start there.

Here are 25 ways to start some important new family traditions.

The Gift of Self-Defense

A good friend of mine recently told me that in light of all of the recent attacks on the 2nd Amendment, her goal this year was to give the gift of self-defense to those on her list. I loved the idea so much I wanted to pass it on to you! Here are some gifts to help friends and family protect themselves.

#1. Self-defense classes: Kickboxing, Muy Thai, or basic self-defense classes have many benefits. Not only are they a fun activity and great exercise, but you can learn how to protect yourself. Give someone a gift certificate to a class in their area.

#2. Tasers and Stun GunsThis little stun gun packs a lot of power into a pretty pink case that will easily fit into a purse. This one is heavy duty and combines a flashlight with a taser – it would be good for a car glovebox or beside the bed. Look for a voltage of above a million or the only effect it will have is irritation. You want this to drop an attacker in his tracks. Again, with life-saving items like these, don’t go bargain-basement shopping. Look for quality. Both of the ones suggested here can be recharged.

#3. Keychain defense item: Here’s another great stocking stuffer. These items can be slipped over your fingers when you feel uncomfortable and provide sharp points for striking an attacker. You can find then in a cute kitty design or a ferociously adorable bulldog design.

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