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WW3 Series: Women of War [Episode 1]

from Verify Events Research:

In this video we quickly analyze and dismiss the widespread American myth that “women are for peace” and “men for war”. It should be obvious that the issues we face today have very little to do with race or gender. In addition, military training is specifically designed to help overcome that natural resistance that BOTH men and woman have to kill other human beings.

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1 comment to WW3 Series: Women of War [Episode 1]

  • AgShaman

    Hahaha….I wonder how many idiot soylents have sashayed down to Fred Meyer jewelers to pick up their “It’s ok to murder a half million innocent women and children” pledge pins from the “Mad Hag” Albright’s collection served up there?

    I’m sure there will be many knucklehead useful idiots at Hitlery’s prez victory soiree sportin’ those gaudy ‘Murder Inc.’ fashion statements in stupidity

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