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Why I’m Excited About Commodities Right Now

from Outsider Club:

Commodities are crashing.


They have been for about four years now.

And I’m positively thrilled about it.

This is like one big Black Friday sale. I’m looking at everything β€” gold, silver, uranium, copper, soybeans… I saw an article today predicting $26 oil.

Yes, please.

I would love to buy some $26 oil.

See, with commodities, it’s all about the cycle. It ebbs and flows almost predictably.

When oil crashed to $30 per barrel in 2008, I bought it. When it climbed back over $100 in 2012, I shorted it. I had to wait about two years, but eventually, prices collapsed once more.

Now, I’m looking to buy once again.

People always say they want to buy low and sell high, but in practice they abandon that simple principle. They go chasing the investments that are already soaring and steer clear of the β€œlosers.”

Not me. I love the losers. I love the outcasts and hate whatever is popular.

Like the stock market. I hate the stock market right now. I never want to buy anything that’s trading at an all-time high.

Commodities on the other hand, well, take a look…

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