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University of Missouri Police Tell Students to Report ‘Hurtful Speech’

from Off Grid Survival:

In the latest attempt to curtail free speech, The University of Missouri Police Department is now threatening police force against people using “hurtful speech”.

Earlier today the MUPD sent out an email to University of Missouri students asking them to turn in anyone who uses “hurtful speech”. They urged students to call the police – actually telling them to use 911 –and report anyone using this speech on campus.

The message went on to tell students to get a detailed description of the offender, their location or license plate number, and even to take a picture if possible.

Journalist Madi Alexander posted the email to her Twitter account:

Is Political Correctness a Threat to our Survival?

Recently, we have witnessed a number of large-scale social disruptions that can be tied directly to our current P.C. victimization culture. From the riots in Ferguson and Baltimore, to widespread social unrest on campuses throughout the United States, we are seeing a shift in our culture. People who live their lives pretending to be perpetual victims have now declared war on the rest of society.

The college campuses that used to claim to be a bastion for freedom of thought, speech, and expression have turned into communist utopias where speech that offends any group – except groups talking about traditional American values – is now not only banned, but apparently being prosecuted by campus police.

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