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The Way Black Lives Matter Responded to Paris Attack Will Boil Your Blood

by Joshua Krause, The Daily Sheeple:

Shortly after Paris endured a horrifying terrorist attack, which has so far lead to the deaths of 136 people, the supporters of Black Lives Matter and the Mizzou Protests have responded to the incident in the most sickening way imaginable. Rather than simply recognizing this event as a horrible tragedy that shouldn’t happen to anybody, they’ve decided that they are the center of the universe, and nothing in the world could possibly be more tragic than their plight.

It started over the weekend, when supporters for these movements took to twitter to express their outrage over the fact that the Paris terror attack was stealing their thunder. Here’s a few of the tamer tweets, courtesy of Breitbart.

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 15.03.27

“Equally messed up” should win an award for the biggest overstatement of the year. There is simply no comparison to be made between hundreds of people getting murdered, and systemic racism, whether real or imagined. Only the most self entitled narrow-minded person could possibly think that these issues have equal merit.

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7 comments to The Way Black Lives Matter Responded to Paris Attack Will Boil Your Blood

  • joejoe

    Not that I don’t agree with the premise of this article but you could go one step further and say the Paris attacks are minuscule in comparison to the atrocities that have been done to people in the middle east and are now being done again using retaliation as an excuse.

  • I hope that these “Black Lives Matter” protesters plan on spending the rest of their lives as activists, because I doubt many employers are going to be looking to hire them from college.

    No employer would want to have their work force hampered by protestors who don’t like your employers color. Or they don’t feel safe in the employee breakroom.

    No employer would want to have to justify their decisions on who, when or where they schedual their employees.

    I wouldln’t want my work environment to be filled with this kind of behavior.

    • Ed_B

      Most people would not want that. It is one thing to help solve problems that affect us all but quite another to be the source of most problems.

      The implication of “Black Lives Matter” is that non-black lives do not matter. This is wrong-headed thinking, IMO. The solution, of course, is that ALL lives matter, regardless of minuscule differences in our skin tone and other shallow surface appearances. Until people see and understand this, we will continue to be divided by triviality.

      I grew up in an army family. In the army, it does not matter what one looks like. It only matters what one can and will do, especially when the chips are down and lives hang in the balance. If you are in a bad situation, the men around you have your life in their hands and you have theirs in yours. When bullets are flying, no one gives a damn about what color the person watching their back might be. All we care is that he IS watching and doing all he can to protect us and our unit.

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    I’ve spent about the last 40 years (all but the last 18 months) living in Detroit. (more than 82% black) and have witnessed all kinds of “black behavior”). That is why is escaped.

    Black lives will matter a lot less when the food stamp & SSI programs run out of money and large numbers of blacks in many American locations begin to starve to death. It’s gonna be real ugly.

    The blacks will target whites as the cause of their starvation. Better have plenty of ammo on hand.

    • Rdawg

      I have a shit-ton of ammo. But then again, I live in Utah, and have seen maybe, MAYBE 10 black people this year. Not sayin’ it’s good or bad; it just is that way where I live. So yeah, it may not go their way here in Mormon town (I am not LDS).

      • Craig escaped from Detroit

        From the behavior & personality character I have seen in the “black community”, they are loud, aggressive, and always seem ready, willing and happy to create confrontations even when the things are going good.

        So many of them have the attitude of a bully & royalty who is entitled to do anything and take anything they wish and don’t dare to get in their way.

        I have seen (many times) a single car on the streets, with 4 black men, cruising and ready to make trouble for others. Walking on the sidewalks, as a gang, they are worse than the “packs” in the cars. I have witnessed them getting into shouting matches with each other on sidewalks, streets, and seen “drive by shootings”, seen them shoot at houses of people they were angry at.

        When the EBT cards stop working, they’ll be rampaging at everything, but especially at “Y-T”. (That is when “Y-T” will be shooting back is when there is no more law & order and the police will be more helpless than they are today.

        During the big crash, when the gov’t money stops falling into the hands of the “FSA”, the starvations, rioting, grid down, city wide fires, and diseases that spread from all the dead and dieing bodies,,,,,I honestly can see the future of 30-90% of city dwellers in MANY places, dieing in the first 15 months of such an economic crash.

        Detroit, Atlanta, L.A., Newark, NYC, Chicago, Memphis, St. Louis, etc, will be rioting, burning zombie zones of death. People will drive or walk far and wide stealing food and killing each other.

        My little town has less than 5000 people, only about 20% are black. IT’s a nice little FARMING town. Will have much less trouble, and very few houses are near enough for the fires to jump from house to house. This little town has it’s own water system that can be run by some big back up generators. This place may be saved from the worst of it.

        My home is a 10 mile distance from that town. Nearest bigger town is 30 miles. This is a good, safer place to be. Smallest “lot size” for miles around, is 5 acres. Many residents already have gardens for fun. They will easily change into gardens for living. Domestic goats, chickens are ducks are pretty common here, as are wild deer, and turkeys & turkey vultures.

        My best advice to people everywhere, is this. On the day that the power grids or the EBT system (& SSI) fails,,, get OUTTA town within 24-48 hours. Faster for “money failure”, but a grid failure, you may delay perhaps as long as 48 hours, but I’d suggest you get out in the first 3-12 hours if possible.

        Pack And Go, or Stay And Die. (PAG-SAD)

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