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The Next Big False Flag Attack Is Here

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

Tomorrow is the beginning of GRID EX III. Many have contacted me believing that November 18th will mark the beginning of a devastating false flag event in which the power grid will be taken down. I have to admit, that just like Paris, the 7/7 London Bombings, the Boston Marathon, and 9/11 we are witnessing a live drill taking place that simultaneously went live and were the next big false flag event.

Should we take this threat seriously? There is no question that this event could potentially have “false flag” written all over it. Many have expressed grave concern over the timing of GRID EX and what just took place in Paris.


Something virtually no one is talking about is that in three days November 19, 2015 GRID-EX III will be taking place here in the U.S. Of course the main street news does not mention it but beyond that, the so called alternative media has been virtually silent about this drill. If you recall a couple years ago when the GRIX-EX II drill took place the alternative media was all over it. Why the total silence now on GRID-EX III?

False flags usally occur when there is a drill going on. Could this year be the year that GRID-EX goes live?

With all that has been going on in France and with the man in the whitehouse not shutting our borders it is conceivable to me that ISIS cells inside the U.S. could spring to life during the GRID-EX III drill and attack our grid and take it down.

Just something to think about,


The Grid Ex drills occur two years apart and are always held in November. Grid Ex IV will be held in November of 2017. And that is when I believe that the globalists will take down the American grid if they have not been able to collapse the country before this date. Obama is such a traitor that he previously allowed the Russians and the Chinese, our enemies who have threatened to nuke America, to participate in Grid Ex II. In other words, we gave our enemies the keys to our house and car by showing them how our infrastructure is organized.

I do not believe that Grid EX III will result in a grid down scenario. However, it is possible because of the false flag possibilities of the drill. For the remainder of the article, I will detail two possibilities:

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4 comments to The Next Big False Flag Attack Is Here

  • randy0302

    Dave…when you say false flag we know for sure it is not….your track record is 100%
    Did you call Paris? NO
    Keep chargin!! at least we know what not to worry about.

    And stop calling your mom “intel”

  • Christine

    Hodges really cracks me up! For a self-proclaimed Christian, he sure as hell is paranoid and fearful! His God sure ain’t working for him…

  • Deforest

    Chinese and Russians, our enemies? Where do you come from? What a reduced mind is yours and, obviously, you want us readers to believe it… Who do you think we are? Fox News audience? Because if it is the case, we are here eyes and ears open to contradict you at the first occasion. Who is refusing any peace talks with Russia? Who is arming Kiev against Donbass? Whose B52 flew over Spratlys islands?
    A couple of weeks ago, a US warhead missile flew over California to provoke Russia? Another drill that may ignite ww3 under a false flag operation. I am tired of the US belligerence. The economy is crashing, the banks are panicking, here are the sources of the multiple false flag operations occurred in Europe and in the US.
    Isis, what are you talking about? Are you a propagandist or a free thinker? Noe, we know.

  • Kevin

    My experience with this article:
    1. Read title – ‘The next big false flag is here’ = sounded interesting
    2. Saw that author’s name = Dave Hodges
    3. Did not bother to read any further
    4. Moved on to next article

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