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The Long, Slow, Well-Deserved Death of Comcast

from Outsider Club:

By wide measure, Comcast is the most-hated company in America.

And for good reason.

Comcast treats its customers with so little respect it verges on spite.

Anecdotes of the company’s abhorrent behavior have become the stuff of legend.

In one case, a customer named Ricardo Brown received a bill with his name changed to “Asshole Brown.”

It wasn’t a one-off incident, either. Three more Comcast customers said their names had been changed, with bills that read “whore,” “dummy,” and “super bitch.”

One infamously overbearing customer service rep argued for more than 20 minutes with a customer who called to cancel his service.

“Why is it that you don’t want the faster speed?” the rep demanded in a cringe-worthy exchange that went viral. “Help me understand why you don’t want faster Internet.”

Replied the exasperated customer: “Help me understand why you can’t just disconnect us.”

Comcast once shipped a customer nearly $2,000 of equipment they never requested and then billed them for it. Another customer was told her dead husband had to cancel her service.

It goes on and on.

The most recent American Customer Satisfaction Index pegged Comcast at 54, ranking it 298 out of the 301 companies rated.

Among the complaints dragging the company down: long telephone waits, missed technician visits, billing problems, being forced to pay for unwanted channels, and being charged fees for breaking Internet caps.

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2 comments to The Long, Slow, Well-Deserved Death of Comcast

  • Ed_B

    “By wide measure, Comcast is the most-hated company in America.”

    Ever heard of companies called Monsanto and JP Morgan Chase? Seems to me that both of these should be in the running for such a title.

  • Brian

    Plenty of room between 298 and 301 for Monsanto and JP Morgue. Hell throw in Goldman to round out 299, 300, and 301

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