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The Great Rate Hike Hoax

from Peter Schiff:

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  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    Thank you SGT, another great little posting.

    Your website helps to keep me FOCUSED on the trouble that is coming, and focus my efforts on how to protect myself, my family, my neighbors and my community.

    There are plenty of them that think they don’t to prepare or need any help, and I’m gonna feel sorry for them, but I cannot force them to make the right choices. In the end, their fate is in their own hands.

    If I was filthy rich, I could stockpile enough stuff for everybody, but I’m not rich. They have to spend their own money on the right things. (and flat screen TV’s, stocks, and new furniture, etc is not the right stuff.)
    I can give all the right information and helpful tips, but if they still leave all their money in the 401’s, IRA’s, CD’s, stock market, bonds, and bank accounts and safety deposit boxes, then I cannot save them from themselves.

    My food is for myself. Their stock market stuff and bank account stuff is for them. It’s their version of prepping, but it’s the WRONG version.
    They won’t give away their stock market or bank money, and I won’t give my FOOD away.

    We are all “grown-ups” and will sink or swim by our own choices. Some will smile, and some will cry.

    Loved the PODCAST by Peter Schiff. Peter is always a very good speaker.

    Laughed when he’s talking about Janet Yellen who says it’s possible that the FED MAY raise interest rates, and Peter says it may be possible that Janet Yellen MAY get a SEX Change operation and raise rates at the same time, but it’s not probable.

    Hahaha.. great humor.

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