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The dollar store expansion: Number of dollar stores in the US expected to exceed 30,000 in 2016.

from My Budget 360:

Wal-Mart, the mega retailer has over 5,000 stores in the United States. We tend to think of Wal-Mart as the low price leader crushing prices to their rock bottom level by cutting costs at every corner. However, there is an even lower cost option and many working class Americans are turning to these stores. Dollar stores have seen a dramatic rise in numbers thanks to the ongoing effects of the recession. There are more than 11,500 Dollar General stores in the United States (twice the amount of Wal-Mart locations). The growth in dollar stores is reflecting the cash crunch many Americans are facing. We’ve mentioned this in the past but many dollar stores have suddenly become low cost grocery stores as people struggle to get by. This is a smart strategy to tap into the ever growing number of Americans on food stamps. It is expected that by 2016 over 30,000 dollar stores will exist in the United States.

The dollar store movement

It is interesting to see the transformation of dollar stores.  I remember when these places largely sold over bought products or items that simply did not sell at larger retailers.  That is no longer the case.  These places now sell food and many big name brands have adjusted packaging so lower income households (a growing percentage of Americans) can purchase food.

This trend shows no signs of slowing.  Take a look at the growth of dollar stores:

dollar stores

By next year, there will be over 30,000 dollar stores in the United States.  This is a 25 percent growth rate since 2011.  Even Wal-Mart can’t meet this growth rate since it has grown at about 20 percent since 2011 in the number of stores opening.

There is a bigger market in cheaper retailers compared to already low cost Wal-Mart which reflects a growing number of Americans working in low wage jobs.

To put this in perspective, just look at the number of various stores in the United States:

dollar stores break down

Dollar General, Family Dollar, and Dollar Tree are all in the top 7 of stores in the United States.  In many cases, there are more dollar stores than certain gas stations:


Why are dollar stores doing so well in the United States?  They are doing well because they are tapping into two things:

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3 comments to The dollar store expansion: Number of dollar stores in the US expected to exceed 30,000 in 2016.

  • newfynew777

    if you really believe that a diet w/o fresh fruit and veggies is “smart strategy”
    GO FOR’s one thing if no fresh produce is available anywhere ,and that SPAM and other equally crappy garbage they pass off as “food” is all that’s available,but we are not there..not yet anyway[and I will never be caught shopping at a DG store ever[give me “the ability,ways and means to be able to grow fresh food” aka..liberty..or give me death!]..not as long as I’m physically able to grow all my veggies and ALL my own ORGANIC fruit..actually God does most all the work as far as fresh fruit..I simply add the organic compost twice a year[strawberries,raspberries,blackberries] applying right AFTER vine and plant production periods, and then again in the Fall..otherwise..eating the poison food out of a Dollar General on a regular basis is just a foolish death sentence [that Bill Gates and
    Ted Turner have orgasms just thinking about..millions if not billions of human beings dying from lack of quality nutrition at about age 50]you’ll be dying with a friend though thankfully….
    your friends name?
    Cancer..ever hear of um?
    if your jobless and have family and food from DG is all you can afford I understand having to count pennies,and doing the DG thing up North in the Winter is a must,but as far as Spring,Summer,,and Fall,there are garden co-ops IN EVERY can get a small plot of land to grow food on FOR FREE.[and saving up and buying a freezer should be a top priority, as should be all other long lost,and dying arts of food preservation methodology]
    even on a tiny plot of land,you can grow lots of food in a small area..there is simply no excuse for not growing fresh vegetables for your family and children should absolutely be a part of the gardening process,but now young adults/children are simply much too busy text messaging each other and taking selfies to do garden work? hah? what’s that? mean food? they grow it down at Krogers!.
    .as children we loved to pick work the soil..plant seeds..water..pull weeds..etc etc.. on our small central Ohio farm[that is now overpriced suburban housing sprawl
    children LOVE picking berries,and gardening teaches them priceless survival skills that just may come in handy very,VERY soon..[every human still has agrarian skills somewhere in their DNA,as their/YOUR ancestors and mine HAD TO KNOW HOW TO GROW FOOD ON/IN MOTHER EARTH OR THEY STARVED TO DEATH!

    side note..found this incredible,not widely known herb,that replaces both lettuce AND spinach in the vegetable garden.this was the 1st year i grew it..its called “Sorrel”.purchased seeds from Eden Brothers].there are a few different types but they just sent “sorrel” grows faster than a weed,its a perennial,AND IT GROWS RIGHT THROUGH WINTER IN THE NORTH! and 3-4 plants is more than enough to give 2 people fresh greens EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR..its has a lime spinach taste,..we planted an area about 4’x 6′ and grew about 50 plants not knowing how incredibly quickly it grew once fact it grows so quickly we can fill up a Wal-Mart leaf bag 3 qtrs full[they are huge bags] with fresh sorrel and bring it down to food pantry EVERY OTHER WEEK.. we cut it back to about one inch hi,and by 2nd Thursday,just 2 weeks later,it’s full height again,ready to be picked..just an incredible plant[especially since we have been having terrible problems getting spinach to come up the last 4 years..[chemtrails?] you can almost watch it grow it grows so incredibly quickly..why i never heard of sorrel before is no mystery actually,as it could put the green section of grocery stores across the nation about out of business if everyone in the U.S.knew about it and grew it!..

  • f16hoser

    Americans love to shop. Even for cheaply made Chinese Asian made shit. Over, and Over, and Over Again…

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