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The Confessions of a Naval Intelligence Officer: The Same Forces Killed JFK, RFK, and MLK

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

The murders of John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King were all orchestrated by the same group. How can I be sure? I can be sure by a simple preponderance of circumstantial evidence which overwhelmingly connects the three most important and horrific assassinations in the 20th century.

How did I learn this? How can I be so sure of this statement? Simple, my father told me so.

I have previously covered how my father, a product of Naval Intelligence, revealed the vast majority of the work he was involved with from 1983-1985, the year of his death. However, the JFK revelations came much earlier. In the 1970’s, my family was up late watching the The Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder. On this particular night, Tom Snyder had a guest on air who face was blacked out and his voice was altered. The man claimed to be an ex-CIA agent who had knowledge of the JFK, RFK and MLK assassinations, from a period of time covering 1963-1968.

During the course of the interview, he said who murdered JFK also murdered the other two. I scoffed out loud at such pure nonsense as I proclaimed that everyone knows that Oswald killed JFK and each of the other two men were killed by independent assassins. My father quickly said, “One day, you will look incredibly silly by spouting such nonsense”. We spoke that night about these assassinations until the sun came up. My father repeatedly told me that the nation went through a takeover of its government in the same five year period. Later, he told me that the same forces who killed all three men, also framed Richard Nixon in Watergate because he dared to begin the withdrawal of American forces from South Vietnam. Below, lies the evidence for my father’s beliefs on this topic.

The Vietnam War

More than 58,000 soldiers died in Vietnam.

As my father told me, all three men shared a similar goal of not becoming more deeply involved in the Vietnam War and they paid for it with their lives.  John F. Kennedy sought to avoid the Vietnam War because he saw it as a military quagmire that would burn American resources, needlessly waste American lives and would ultimately hurt his legacy as a president who oversaw an unwinnable war.

Robert Kennedy was still reeling from his older brother’s assassination for which the Vietnam War was a major factor which motivated the co-conspirators. RFK was determined to end the war in Vietnam. Robert also posed the threat of being able to reopen his brother’s murder investigation and Allan Dulles, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, George Bush and David Rockefeller had a lot to worry about if that were ever to happen. RFK had to be stopped with regard to his quest for the Presidency.

As Robert Kennedy sought the Democratic nomination for the 1968 presidential race, we should take note of the fact that most of his supporters were in their early to mid 20’s which comprised the demographics of people most vehemently opposed to the Vietnam War. Therefore, Robert F. Kennedy had a motive to withdraw the forces from Vietnam for political reasons.

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