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Springfield Armory XDm Compact .40 S&W

from Survival Blog:

Make no mistake, I’m a huge fan of Springfield Armory firearms– all of them. When the XD handgun first came out, I picked one up; it was in .40S&W. At first appearance, it looked very much Glock-ish to my way of thinking. However, once home, I tore the gun down and examined it. While some of the parts look like Glock parts, none of them will interchange with a Glock. None!

Something very rare for me is to carry any one particular handgun for two years, which is what I did with the XD .40, only changing to a different gun when doing an article about it and then only carrying the different gun for a week or two.

Then, I went back to the XD .40 on my hip. The only minor complaint I had about my XD .40 was the finish on the slide. It appeared to be parkerized, but it wasn’t very durable. Weekly I would wipe the gun down, but it still developed some rust spots on the slide no matter what I did to it. Happily, Springfield Armory has gone to Melonite for the finish on many of their guns in the XD line-up, with the exception of the stainless steel slide models.


Under review today is the Springfield Armory XDm Compact Model. And, with it comes some improvements in handling over the basic XD model. There is a different process for breaking the gun down for cleaning, and I won’t bore our readers with that. The information can be found on the Springfield Armory website. The ergonomics of the XDm guns are better feeling in the hand, compared to the XD models. The grip is thinner and just feels better all the way around. The slide is a bit slimmer, too. The gun just feels “all-that-much better” in my hand than the original XD model.

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